We are the WildStar Esper Class Team AMA
Hey guys! Loïc “Atreid” Claveau here, Global Community Manager, live from the WildStar’s Carbine Test Lab. This is take 2 of the Ultra Class Drop and today we’ll be talking about the Esper, and as we did it last week, we’ve gathered the troops to answer your questions!

We are 30 minutes away from the start so go ahead and start shooting your questions; it will give us time to get some answers ready. Don’t forget that if your questions don’t get answered, we’ll be on the WildStar livestream this Saturday at 12PM PST playing the Esper and showing off the new Winter Beta patch for the game.

Here are all the names you should be expecting to pop up:

* CRB_CLynch – Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Designer - @ClynchX
* CRB_Hugh – Hugh Shelton, WildStar Class Lead - @HughShelton
* CRB_ Asyreal– Jade Martin, Esper Class Designer
* CRB_Atreid – Loïc Claveau, Global Community Manager - @CRB_Atreid

**1.30 PST: Annnnd, we are go!**

***2.31 PST: That's a wrap, guys! Thank you so much for attending our AMA. We will see you next week, same place, for another Class AMA. Also, we count on you to be there for our Esper Livestream on Saturday at 12pm PST here: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar***
Howdy doodly-do, devs! It's a very nice 6-week high-Carb diet you have there... Great to see my favourite class has made it to be the number two re-reveal. Liking what I've seen thus far and can't wait to get my hands on my Esper (not in that way, tsk tsk). Here're a couple of questions that have popped into my mind:
1. Is an Esper's healing also burst-focused, like its damage? Do they have access to more sustainable healing, such as HoTs?
2. Are the Espers' heals mostly single-target, few-target AoEs, group-wide or a mix of those?
3. Are you planning on adding customizable appearances to abilities like the "Projected Spirit"? Personally I'd love to see a Rowsdower skin for one.
4. Going off-topic from the Esper here, I was wondering if you were going to update the Races page of the WS website into a style similar to that of the Classes? I personally love the new way of presentation.
5. To finish off, here's a sensible, I.Q.-taxing question: Given that the Espers have dirty minds, and that I also have a dirty mind... would you like a toasted cupcake?
1.	The Esper has a good mix of both sustained and burst healing. The limited action set you build for this will dictate what type of healing output you do. 
2.	Of all the classes the Esper is a probably the best single target healer but they also have access to AoEs.
3.	While the idea is awesome it isn’t something we have planned for launch at this time. 
4.	Unfortunately I’m unsure of what the marketing team has planned for the races page (New AMA idea? ) 
5.	I’m scared to say yes… 
Hey guys, thanks a bunch for doing this again. I have a ton of questions, but feel free to take your pick, they don't all need answered. I love you.
1. Will the Esper's stationary damage skills have higher output than the Esper's run-and-gun skills?
2. Is movement speed reduced while using run-and-gun skills?
3. Will the Esper's Light Armor have reduced mitigation against non-physical damage?
4. Will another class share Light Armor with the Esper?
5. What's the telegraph/range like on the core Esper heals?
6. What kind of movement cooldowns will the Esper have?
7. Will there be boss abilities/mechanics that penetrate interrupt armor? Can interrupt armor be stacked multiple times on a player character?
8. Is loot in dungeons/raids group loot (need/greed) or is it individual (like D3)?
1. Stationary spells do get an extra bonus to their output because of the inherent risk of Wildstar’s Telegraph system.
2. The Esper does not have a movement speed reduction while casting on the move.
3. Currently the Esper’s mitigation is the same for both physical and non-physical damage.
4. Yes the Spellslinger shares Light Armor with the Esper.
5. The range varies for the Esper based on the type of heal but the Esper definitely prefers to cast from range, on average the telegraph range is about 25 meters.  
6. The cooldowns for their movement abilities vary anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. 
7. Interrupt Armor can be stacked on a player so long as the ability modifying the player’s interrupt armor isn’t on the same Stack Group. For example, if two Esper’s cast Phantasmal Armor (sweet golden armor buff) on the same target the older Phantasmal Armor is replaced with the newest cast. 
8. As of now loot in dungeons is Need or Greed. 
The Question we all want to know: What is the buff we saw at the end of the Esper video on the class drop, and what does it do!
That ability single-handedly made me want to play esper!
It does look awesome and it is called Phantasmal Armor. It gives both and absorption shield that blocks damage and an Interrupt Armor which will prevent you from being hit by a CC.
Thank you all at Carbine for what is shaping to be my next MMO home. You seem to be making the right decisions so far.
Regarding the AMA..I'm wondering if it's possible/feasible to customize the Esper to be a DoT (or HoT) intensive class (i.e. the "other brand's" warlock)? How about a pet class?
With our Ability Tiering, Action Set, and AMP systems you’ll be able to focus on making certain abilities the most powerful in your kit. The Esper doesn’t have many DoTs, but they do have HoTs which means you could take those spells and Tier them up as much as possible. 
You also have the ability to focus yourself on a pet build, last week my build was based around Phantom Swarm (3 small illusionary pets) and Geist (1 large illusionary pet). I had tiered these guys up as much as I could so that they were doing tons of damage, healing me at the same time, and blowing up on their deaths to do AoE damage. 
Are there any nice healing skill shots? Like the long straight line ones similar to Spellslinger attacks?
Off topic: Does Wildstar have elite areas in the open world? Like open world dungeons / elite quest areas?
First up is Soothe, it is a charge and release ability that heals allies in a line ahead of you. If you are not familiar with charge and release abilities, these abilities can either be fired off instantly or after charging them up. Why charge them? Because the longer you charge them the stronger they get!
Next we have Projected Spirit, which dashes you forward and heals allies that you pass through. This ability looks really awesome, making you appear as a golden stag for the duration ;D.
For the Off Topic bit… Not my area of expertise but I do know we have public events that can handle large groups of players and quests that require more than 1 player to tackle them.
Will I be able playing the esper as a healer while doing quests (leveling), or do I have to switch/respec every time doing either one or the other?
Of course, you will be able to do quests as a full healer if that's your thing. You don't need to respec/switch if you don't want to.
Basically, the way it works is that everytime you are out of combat, you can select a new set of skills. The combinaison you will choose will dictate the playstyle you are opting for, for example, full healer build, full DPS, hybrid, etc.
Now, on top of that and to make things even easier, you will have the possibility to create builds and switch between them out of combat.
And by build, I mean a selection of as many skills as your skill bar can hold. 
Thanks for this devs! My question pertains to Esper healing. In other games the different healers all specialize is a certain type of healing. Maybe one with healing over time, or quick burst healing, etc. Does the esper have a "type"? 
Our goal is to ensure that every healer can fulfill any role necessary in PVP, Dungeons, and Raids. With that said, the Esper is a great single target healer with great sustained healing and the ability to burst heal in dire situations. 
Hello guys, here's Nisador from French fansite Game-guide.fr. Followers have three questions about the Esper and his roles. Thanks a lot !
1. What's the emphasis given to group/area-wise healing compared to "targeted" healing for the Esper ? (Approximate ratio)
2. Question about the healing output in PvP : let's imagine a PvP fight where two DPS attack each other, but one is given support by a healer. If we cast away the fact that the one without support will logically lose and imagine he is undying, will the one with support end dying under the continuous pressure (obviously granted he's not undying too), or will he survive as long as the healer keeps his work done ? 
3. Will the esper get some pet to control ( Wow like) with special bar, or even just an helper creature ? 
Hey Nisador!
- When we discuss the differences between all of the healers, we like to say that the Esper will be the one that players who have played previous MMO’s will be the most familiar with. This is because the Esper is pretty much an even split between group/area healing and targeted healing. Players who prefer to target a player and heal them directly will have a set of abilities that allow them to do so. But the Esper will also have access to a wide array of Area of Effect spells that require the use of our freeform targeting system as well.
- In this situation, I think it would come down to the skill and equipment of the players involved. If we are saying the DPS are equally equipped, I think skilled use of CC’s and timing of heals will be the determining factor of if the healer survives the encounter or not.
- The Esper does have a form of pets but these are not going to be controlled by the Esper.  Instead they will be short duration pets that are summoned to achieve a specific goal (pets that dps, pets that taunt, etc), on a specific target (or targets). 
Hey Carbine, we can read in the esper description spell that they can get allies. 
1 - They are limited in time, but is there permanent "pets" ?
2 - Are they the only class which got allies invocated ?
3-  Will we have any control on them ?
Thanks for answer and sorry for my bad english :D
The Esper’s pets are temporary and you don’t have to do anything to control them. Instead of having to issue commands to them, they behave as you would expect for an ability you use in combat. 
For example, if they are a DPS pet they will attack your enemies for as long as they area active. On the heal side, there is an Esper pet currently called “Warden” which will heal all allies around itself unless enemies destroy it or it’s buff timer runs out.
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Thank you for this! I'm sure it will be super useful :)
I noticed on the Warrior Livestream that something was mentioned about Assault Points and Support Points, more importantly, how the Warrior would have less of these than a light armored class due to their heavy armor. The Esper page also mentioned something like this, saying their DPS would match or exceed anyone else's. I was wondering if a heavier armored class will always have less DPS or healing throughput, etc, than a class with lighter armor. Wouldn't this encourage class stacking of lighter armored characters if their DPS would be the highest?
The heart of my concern is this; What steps are you taking to encourage raiders to bring a healthy assortment of classes to their raids?
Hey Nauli!
To get straight to the heart of your concern:
- The raids themselves are designed to encourage the use of ALL the classes. There are certain fights in which you will not do well in if you bring just light armor classes. 
- We have stances on the lower DPS classes that allow them to sacrifice their mitigation in exchange for higher DPS. This is a lever we can modify if we find that certain classes are being excluded from the raiding scene.
- Classes will bring more than just their DPS to a raid. Within their set of abilities we will be including tools that will be highly desired in the raid environment.
Hey guys, thanks for the AMA. I'm interested in the Esper as I've played many healers in previous games. It would be a nice contrast to the Warrior I also plan on rolling.
1. The Class page indicates that Esper's can create illusions. Can they polymorph? 
2. Does the Esper have abilities that allow them to artificially increase their lack of armor (like a shield)? The Esper page has a screenshot (and at the end of the video) of them looking like gold statues of some sort, but the UI in the class reveal video doesn't show a 'shield'. This 'gold statue' effect looks to apply to the group as a whole. 
3. For those effects (back in question 2), are there some abilities that are area-based (ie, anyone on your faction can use the heals) or are they restricted to party only?
*This has been asked elsewhere by /u/feaveros, but I'll ask anyway. Feel free to ignore, as it also is a tad off-topic from the Esper class*: 
1. Can one customize the look of their spells? (Changing the "Unicorn" teleport into another animal, for example)
* The answer to this last question was [answered](http://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/1qn3k3/we_are_the_wildstar_esper_class_team_ama/cdeglxl): "While the idea is awesome it isn’t something we have planned for launch at this time."
Hey Apertur!
- At one point in time we had planned on them getting a polymorph, but as of right now they do not have one. We do, however, have a gadget that does this. 
- Yes, the Esper will have abilities that allow them to artificially increase their lack of armor.  Phantasmal Armor, one of the abilities you saw in the video where the players become covered in gold armor is a good example of that.  This is an ability that places an absorption shield on the target will absorb up to a specific amount of incoming damage.
- There is a mixture of allowed targets for the AOE heals. Some are party specific, while others are faction specific. The main rule of thumb we go by when determining this setting is if a healer could get griefed by someone when they are casting a heal. 
What would you say is the fastest TTK potential for a Esper in a PvP situation?
 Would you say Espers are *the* burst class or does the Stalker have similar playstyle? 
Is the Espers innate ability reduced in PvP? (The 8 seconds of no damage.)
If I wanted to top DPS meters, is this the class for me?
Hey SupJeremiah! (Felt like I just said hello twice with that name. )
- The Esper definitely has the potential to be the fastest TTK in PvP, but there are several other classes that will give it a run for its money.
- Due to the Esper’s resource mechanic, they have the ability to apply large burst, but it comes after they build up a number of Psi Points. The Stalker on the other hand can apply a burst (maybe not as hard as the Esper) at the start of a fight, or whenever else they choose to in a fight. 
- The Esper innate is still undergoing iteration, but we have no plans to make abilities have different stats in PvP vs PvE.
- Topping the DPS charts is going to really depend on skill and situation. There is a wide variety of combat situations that occur in WildStar. Some classes are better suited to a certain situation than others and due to this I’ve seen every single class have their moment of glory at the top of the charts.
Hey guys! Good morning from Down Under :)
Q1. Espers seem to be medium ranged, yet have light armour. What kinds of defensive/movement abilities will they have in their arsenal to stay out of harm's way?
Q2. What sort of encouragement is there not to mindlessly spam the builder abilities?
The Esper is a long ranged class with abilities that range anywhere from 25-30 meters.  However, they have the ability to be a close range caster depending on how you build out your LAS. There are several abilities that make close range casting viable such as Blade Dance, it is a PBAE spell centered on the Esper that deals damage to nearby enemies while increasing the casters movement speed and armor mitigation during the channel.  
The Esper builds Psi Points but their Psi Point pool maxes out at 5, if the player doesn’t use their Finisher in between builders it becomes very ineffective. Additionally there are many situational spells that you encounter that need to be used in order to effectively cast your builders without the threat of being cc’d during a telegraph or abilities that give you the time to cast from range away from a telegraphing creature. One great example is Geist which summons an illusionary pet that will grab all your current threat and tank nearby enemies for you which gives you the time to unleash a barrage of spells. 
Wildstar action combat uses free form targeting for many abilities, including heals.  Given the nature (in both PvP and PvE) for healers to get targeted by default by anything that is not actively being tanked or CC'd in some form, will the Esper be able to target itself with the majority of it's heals?  I'm concerned because if half our spells are "Heal those in a cone in front of you" / "in a line in front of you" / etc, and we build an action set utilizing many of these abilities for keeping our team mates alive, what happens when we need to focus heal ourselves?  
In target selection (tab spamming) MMOs there isn't a single heal in a healer's cast bar that you cannot cast on yourself, so my question is: 
#How will you balance free form targeting with healer survivability, especially in unpredictable scenarios like PvP?  If many of the free form targeting heals do end up being "team mates only" abilities, are they going to be completely useless in solo play?
In most cases our Freeform Target heals will always heal the caster in addition to their allies who are within the area of the Freeform spell.
However, there are special cases where this isn’t always true but generally the freeform heals that don’t heal the caster bring a lot of extra “oomph” to the spell to counter the fact that you aren’t able to heal yourself with it. 
Q: Sofar based on the gameplays we've seen, it seems as though the Spellslinger has more mobility (teleports, ect.) than the esper, and can shoot way more far away. Given that the Esper is light armor, thus very vulnerable, what do espers have going for them? CC? Doesn't breakout gameplay kinda defeat that though?
The Esper/Spellslinger max ranges are actually fairly similar and any ability that is extremely long range usually has to be cast while standing still.
The Esper does have a couple of mobility abilities such as Projected Spirit (a dash that takes you 25 meters forward) and Fade Out (when fully tiered up can move you 12 meters backwards). 
Also, the Esper has access to a greater variety of CC than the Spellslinger. As for breakout gameplay, even if a victim can get out of a CC early they are still hindered momentarily.
1. Are the class/race combinations set now? Or can we expect to see Mordesh Espers or other combinations as well ?
2. Can you do DoT damage as esper or are there different classes who deal damage over time?
- The class/race combinations are set for launch. 
- The Esper does have access to DoT abilities and using the AMP / Ability Tiering system they can specialize in these abilities to deal a lot of their damage in the form of DoTs.
Most of my questions will be more role-specific, rather than limited to Espers, but here goes:
1. How will Healing function in WildStar? Targeted healing, skill-shot telegraph based etc?
2. Which classes will be able to revive (in/out of combat) ?
3. What sort of death penalty are you guys looking at?
4. Will Espers have a "Stance" based system as well, but for DPS / Healer role switching?
5. What types of Utility will Espers have, besides crowd control? I'm thinking Purge/Cleanse mechanics.
6. How mobile will Espers (with their Light Armor) be? I'd imagine them to be rather squishy.
Thank you for hosting this AMA. Looking forward to getting my hands on WildStar during beta/at launch :)
1.	You’ll find a mixture of all of those things, and players will be able to tailor their Action Set to their preferences. Say you like free form heals? Put a couple on your bar and tier them up with the ability tiering system!
2.	All classes are able to revive while out of combat. We don’t currently have plans for a combat res.
3.	That’s out of my department ;D.
4.	Espers do not currently have a stance system, we don’t currently have a need for it. The reason it was required for Tanks was that they needed a way to switch between higher mitigation/higher threat and higher damage/lower threat. 
5.	Espers have access to a Cleanse, and they have a number of buffs and debuffs that are tied to their abilities.
6.	This will depend on your Action Set. If you want to be fully mobile, you can, you’ll just have to give up some of the bigger nukes/heals that the Esper has access to.
Hello Carbine! 
SO these posters I see on the facebook page... any chance we will be seeing these in a collector's edition version of Wildstar?
I don’t know about that but we sure get a lot of good feedback on these posters. Maybe we’ll think of something ;)
Not specifically Esper but, what separates the skill and healing kit of an esper versus the spellslinger and the <redacted>? I know there are visual and stylistic differences in their abilities, but are there signature abilities and effects that are unique to the classes and could you provide some examples? (ie power word:shield, chain heal, etc from wow)
A big thing that sets them apart are “Finisher” abilities that consume all of their current Psi Points (their class resource). This gives them a lot of flexibility of when to use these Finishers and it gives them access to some of the most powerful burst heals in the game.
Besides that, they have access more single target heals than any of the other classes such as Bolster (a stacking heal over time) and Mind over Body (a long cast single target heal that places an outgoing heal buff at your current location). There are more differences that I think are being covered in some of the other posts ;D.
Hello Carbine, thanks for doing this AMA!  After watching the Esper video, I'm quite pleased with the way the class looks, and I really only have one simple question for you:
I noticed in the Esper drop video @ 0:55, Mr. Frost introduces the concept of "manifesting multiple copies of the Psy-Blade when needed" and the projected Psy-Blades look identical to the one on our lovely Esper's back.  My question is, does this spell effect change shape depending on what Psy-Blade is currently equipped?  Or was that just a happy coincidence with that particular clip?  (Aesthetics are super important to me :)
Also just wanna give a shout out to **Hugh Shelton**, I enjoyed your presence during the Warrior Class Stream last Saturday.  Don't get me wrong, the other 2 guys were fine as well, but I felt like your presence was more professional and I just liked your style overall.  I wish I could give you a high five in person.
He'll be back on the Esper LiveStream :)
Can you clarify what exactly this in the esper FAQ means:
 "I heard that Espers can interrupt armor. Is that true?
Where'd you hear that?!?! But yes. The Esper's Phantasmal Armor spell grants a temporary interrupt to enemy armor in addition to its requisite absorption shield."
The page was actually just updated to fix the wording a bit, but I'm not sure if it will answer your question fully. I'm just a web guy, so I'll leave it up to the game guys if they want to elaborate more ;)
Thanks for doing this! 2 questions: 
- Is the Esper a mobile class, or do we have to be extremely focused on positioning? 
- Do the Espers have anything that resembles mind control (huehue)?
Hey Tsouk,
- While we do not classify the Esper as a mobile cast, we have made sure to include a subset of abilities that can be used while moving. This lets you adapt your Esper if you find yourself in a situation in which standing still and focusing isn't really working out.
- Not at this point in time!
Will the esper skills that harm enemies and benefit friends work on only friends or enemies, when both are in the telegraph or will both be affected accordingly?
If you are casting a healing spell, it will only heal your allies (not your enemies). The same for your damaging spells, it will only hit your enemies.
There is no friendly-fire in WildStar!
How early and to what extent can an Esper expect to customize/change their weapons' appearances and thus their spell's graphics? Or is a spell's graphic static? 
We have a wide variety of Psyblades that you will be getting during the leveling content as well as end game content. Additionally -- only a subset of your abilities will actually use the visual of your weapon. 
There will still be a collection of abilities that have a unique graphic that is not based on your weapon.
I am affraid we will all look alike in this game. Will there be enough weapon and cloth models to make our characters stand out?!? 
The Esper's weapon is rather small and barely visible how will it look on the Chua?!?! Will it match it's size to me it even harder to get noticed?? (If u need an example on how this can go wrong look at the engineers pistols in GW2 on a Asura)
Don't be afraid, everything is going to be fine :). There are tons of weapons and outfit for you to look unique. We'll have articles and probably a Livestream entirely dedicated to Customization. Don't forget as well that the Character Creation will let you create a unique toon.
As for the size of the weapon, indeed, it adapts to the model. So a Human Esper will have a bigger blade than a Chua but hey they will hit as hard ;)
Now, do not hesitate to send feedback if feel otherwise once you play it. But from what I have personally experienced, It did not strike me as weird or anything.
My questions:

1. Will Espers have some more exciting weapon skins for the psyblade? As much as I like the Esper skills, I would like to see some awesome looking psyblade models like the warrior with the various sword designs.

2. Would you categorise Esper as a caster type or something a little different? Which is closer to a traditional caster type class; Spellslinger or Esper? It seems that Esper are more of a mid range as opposed to a long range damage class.

3. Is the antelope/deer the only animal we will be able to turn into, or will there be other shapeshifting skills for Esper? I love the spirit animals.

4. Is the rainbow-deer shapeshift skill a healing or damage skill or both?
1. There is a wide variety of Psyblade models available to the Esper throughout the leveling and end game experience. It seems like we are getting new models every week, in fact,  just last night we were testing a dungeon and I used some new test gear  and the Psyblade Model was one I had never seen before, needless to say I was blown away. We truly have some amazing artists here at Carbine.
2. The Esper is closer to a traditional caster and will feel very familiar to players with MMO experience. I answered the second part of this question previously but I just want to say that the Esper is definitely long range with the ability to go mid range depending on how you set up your LAS. 
3. At the moment Projected Spirit is the only ability that turns the Esper into an animal (Dawngrazer). 
4. Projected Spirit, aka “Rainbow Deer” is a healing ability that heals all allies within the movement path. 
Hey guys :D Thanks so much for doing these AMAs! They're shaping up to be awesome reads for all of us fans :)
• What (that you're currently able to talk about) one thing excites you the most about the Esper class so far? 
The VFX! Besides that, the niche that the Esper has carved out for people who prefer a caster in this sci-fi type of game.
On the gameplay side, I think that Psi Points are a really great resource mechanic. It gives the Esper a lot of flexibility for when to use their Finisher abilities.
> Of all the classes the Esper is a probably the best single target healer but they also have access to AoEs.
Is that by design?
>  Of all the classes the Esper is a probably the best single target healer but they also have access to AoEs.
I wouldn't actually go so far to say they are the "Best" Single Target Healer. Asyreal already wishes he didn't say that ;D. What we can say is that the Esper has a lot of great single target heals, but thanks to our Action Set, Ability Tiering System, and AMP system all healers will be able to heal a single target really well.
Can you define "long cast" a bit more?  I understand things are subject to change, but are we talking about 2,5 sec or 5 sec?
When I say long cast, I mean relative to other cast times in WildStar. Currently Mind Over Body is around 2.75 seconds.
Will healing espers (other healer classes too) need help for killing mobs during the lvl phase or will they be able to level by their own?
Healer Roles will be able to kill mobs throughout the leveling phase on their own. They will have access to the same Assault abilities that the DPS roles have. The damage output will not be as great in comparison to someone leveling as a DPS spec but it is certainly viable.  
RE: Number 1 - Are free form/skill shot heals going to be more effective and better overall than standard targeted (tab targeting style) heals? Or will a player be able to find success endgame with an LAS focused more on targeted heals? How will you balance the existence of targeted skills in a game with almost entirely freeform combat?
> RE: Number 1 - Are free form/skill shot heals going to be more effective and better overall than standard targeted (tab targeting style) heals? Or will a player be able to find success endgame with an LAS focused more on targeted heals?
We are balancing all abilities based on their ease of use, and targeted abilities are obliviously easier to land then skillshots. As we move forward and balance things, my hope is that all heal types will be viable.
These posters will be available in game as housing items, right?!
Now that's a sweet idea :)
If I decide to heal in a group out questing, will I get less XP per kill then the DPS?
If you are part of a group, XP will be divided evenly among the group of course! :)
If you are competing for a mob though, the XP you will get will be based on your contribution. 
So if you and a Warrior jump on a monster at the same moment (and you are not grouped), if he does 90% of the damage, he will get 90% of the XP and you'll get the remaining 10%...because you know, throwing heals at monsters do not help much ;)
If I decide to heal in a group out questing, will I get less XP per kill then the DPS?
If you're in a group you'll be getting the same EXP as everyone else ;D.
Sorry I think this came across wrong. I was under the impression that there could be spells that do both at the same time - damageing an enemy and healing an ally - that was, what I was asking about :)
Oooh, this is possible, but the Esper is not one of the classes that does this. :)
Guess I'll just have to settle for a virtual high five this Saturday :)
I also forgot to answer the first question:
The PsyBlade spells Concentrated Blade (the one in the video) and Blade Dance will indeed change depending on the look of the PsyBlade you have equipped.
Oooh, this is possible, but the Esper is not one of the classes that does this. :)
Oohhh, but Clynch they might be interested to hear about Dislodge Essence.... It is an Esper Spell that damages an enemy and heals any of your allies that are standing near that enemy ;D.
> Thanks for the reply. Really glad to hear the TTK potential of this class. I like leaving people wondering "What the heck was that?" while they wait for their respawn timer. 
I've played MMO's for most of my adult life...but for the life of me I cannot figure out what 'TTK' is, haha. Help me out?
TTK stands for "Time To Kill"