We are the WildStar Medic Class Team AMA
Hello everyone! This week of the Ultra Class Drop, we will cover the Medic. I am Loïc “Atreid” Claveau, Global Community Manager, and I will host this discussion along my esteemed colleagues who know how to operate when it comes to the Medic!

We are 20 minutes away from the start so go ahead and start shooting your questions; it will give us time to get some answers ready. Don’t forget that if your questions don’t get answered, we’ll be on the WildStar livestream this Saturday at 12PM PST playing the Medic.

Anyway, here are all the nice people you should be expecting to see.

* CRB_CLynch – Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Designer - @ClynchX
* CRB_Hugh – Hugh Shelton, WildStar Class Lead - @HughShelton
* CRB_ Merkal– Marc Matzenbacher, Medic Class Designer @CRB_Merkal
* CRB_Atreid – Loïc Claveau, Global Community Manager - @CRB_Atreid


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***2.32 PM We are done for the day! We hope you enjoyed the answers of our Devs. See you on Saturday for our Medic LiveStream, 12 PM PST on our Twitch channel***
Thanks for another round of AMA devs.
1. Would healing fields and I guess damage fields stack?  Like in a raid setting could a few medics place extra damage in one area or extra healing in one spot or would the most powerful field be the only one to work?  I'm thinking that medics could create a "safe" spot if a raid needs to eat a damaging telegraph for whatever reason.
2. What type of dps abilities heal as well?
3. Do probes fade if they are never exploded?  If so, do the explosions become less deadly/heally if you wait to the last moment or would that be part of the skilled player approach?
4.  Most abilities seem to be aoe heals other than probes.  Do the Medics have many single target heals?
5.  Would you convince the marketing department that us fans need rowsdower plushies in generic and evil appearance?  This would be the best collector's edition/special edition item ever if you guys go that route.
1.	Healing and Damage fields are independent meaning they can be placed on top of each other. This is a viable counter medic strategy in PvP. In terms of PvE it’s usually inadvisable to place healing fields where the boss is dealing damage unless you have no other option. Groups will need to communicate effectively to get the best out of healing fields.
2.	Here are two examples of Hybrid abilities they more support centric.
a.	Shield Surge – Costs 2 Power Cores with a cast time. Deals damage to enemies and restores Shields to allies in a line.
b.	Paddle Shock – Can be used after a Crit instantly. Deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a frontal cone.
3.	Probes will expire if they are not detonated but the detonation is at full power regardless of how long the probes have been active. This gives strategy to decide when you want to detonate; sometimes it’s more beneficial to detonate early rather than to wait for the last second.
4.	Medics are definitely more focused on AoE healing. Here are two examples of single target abilities.
a.	Treat Wounds – Instant Cast (10 second CD), Heals the target for a significant amount. At higher tiers will also restore shields and restore bonus health to enemies at low health.
b.	Barrier – Instant Cast (90 second CD), Restores a significant amount of Shields and applies a powerful HoT and Interrupt Armor. This is one of your primary Oh Sh@t buttons to save a tank.
5.	Sorry don’t know about plushies but I think they would be cool!
In regards to DPS, the DevSpeak left me with the impression that damage will mostly be in the form of DoTs as AoEs.  
When considering PvP and how it normally favors burst and how most players will just move out of the AoE, what other tools/damage abilities does the Medic have to make them viable as a DPS in a PvP setting? Or will they be best suited as a healer in PvP?   
Thanks again for doing these AMAs!
For Probes, while they do deal damage/healing over time, they can also be triggered to do burst healing/damage.
 As for fields… We have kept the duration of straight damage fields lower than what you might be used to in other games. For example, one that strictly deals damage (currently called) Annihilation, lasts for 3ish seconds. Something like this can be used effectively in PvP when combined with positioning/CC/etc. There are fields that last longer, but those generally have a snaring element to them.
All of that being said, the Medic also has an array of other abilities that are Channels/Cast/Instant to give you consistent DPS in PvP.
Hello CRBs!  2 Q's for yas. :)
Do Medics have any probes they can use on themselves?
Just wondering if...Medics will have any resonators that look like wings when placed on their back?  I love how they wear them there by the way. 
Hey Siflay!
- Any of the beneficial probes that the Medic casts will be applied to them and the allies they are aiming at. So yes, they will be able to use probes on themselves.
- There are a variety of Resonator models throughout the game, but it's all in the eye of the beholder as to what they look similar to. Some may say they look like rocket packs, others may say wings. ;)
Would you say the medic has a high or low skill cap compared to the other healing classes?
Eg. Should a new MMO player choose medic over esper or spellslinger healing?
Our goal by launch is that a new MMO player could pick up any of these classes and will be effective with them by the time they start encountering difficult group gameplay. Experienced MMO players will find the Esper healing style familiar while healing as a Spellslinger or Medic should feel a bit different.

While all of these classes are going to require skill to play effectively, different skills will pay the different… bills. For example: Due to their short range, Medic healers will need to rely on their mobility and their ability to keep allies close. On the other hand, Spellslingers have narrower skillshots that will have to be lined up properly to be most effective.
My question is about healing.
I want to know if the Medic is a real healer or an assist or hybrid DPS/Healing class ?
Medics can be Tank Healers, Group healers, Hybrid (damage/healing), or Group Support (damage or healing and buffs/debuffs)
Hey! First of all, I love all the work you are doing! Also, Marc Matzenbacher is incredible, and needs to be in every live stream. I have a few questions about PvP.
I was planning on a 2s comp of Spellslinger DPS + Esper or medic healer. 
1. How effective will a medic healer be with ranged DPS in PvP? I am worried that I will have to stay close enough to them to heal, but that will almost always be too far to do support damage/CC?
2. What kind of CCs will be available to the Medic?
3. What kind of peels, slows, or roots will be available to the Medic?
4. Can a medic effectively heal in PvP without using the medic field heals, which historically aren’t very good in PvP?
5. Will Medic heals be less effective in 3s in arena because they can’t heal both their partners at the same time if they are far apart on the map?
6. Also, Mounts that look and move like the tigers in WoW would be awesome to have in Wildstar. Just give them that Wildstar flare. 
Why thank you sir or madam.
1.	Playing a 2 ranged class Arena comp is always a bit of a tango regardless of which healer you play especially vs. double DPS teams that may try to separate you from your buddy. That being said I actually think that the Medic is pretty strong with this type of Comp because you have Medium armor and you take a bit more punishment as you will take incidental damage when standing near your DPS friend. Additionally because all of your heals are mobile you will be able to move when your buddy moves and still get heals off.
2.	Medics right now have a Stun, Root, and a few Snares. They focus less on direct control and more on battlefield control and area denial. Though often I find that my opponents will think I can’t punish them and a well-timed Stun or Root will keep them wishing they had kept better attention of what I was doing.
3.	As I mentioned the medic has Roots and Snares. The Snares are fields so they have to be placed effectively. One field is a ground target spell whereas the other creates the field at your feet and then blinks you backwards. Additionally the Medic has Urgency which can do one of the following.
a.	Blink you forward 20 meters (this is if no allies or enemies are in front of you.
b.	Blink your to the nearest enemy and deal AoE damage
c.	Blink you to your nearest ally healing yourself and AoE healing.
4.	You certainly can slow heals that are not fields and be effective.
5.	With all classes and healers the effectiveness of the group comes down to communication and positioning. If you have allies that are running around doing whatever they please without paying attention to where there buddies are and where the enemies are you will likely lose.
6.	We have a large variety of mounts, all will be revealed eventually stay tuned!
As a medic it's shown that you can go from close range to medium range, can you stay completely out of close range and stay at medium range and still be a successful healer?
15 meters is going to be where you’ll be most comfortable as a Medic (for reference: 6-7 meters is melee range, 30 meters is long range). Hanging that far back will keep you out melee range, but you’ll still have to move around whenever a telegraph comes your way or your tank moves.
Can we have light show duels against other Medics with our resonators?
What happens on Nexus stays on Nexus!
Can we have light show duels against other Medics with our resonators?
Please do… and break out some dubstep while you’re at it! Once we get all of our dance emotes in, it should be one heck of a party.
1.	What is the makeup of the Medic DPS?  Sustained, burst, direct damage, dots?
2.	Are you designing the medic to be completive with all of the other DPS classes if they slot for damage?   Is there anything that sets them apart?
3.	How do the abilities that both damage and healing scale compared to only damage or only healing?  The assumption is that you’ll give up damage in order to perform healing which will heal for less than a normal heal.  Is there a cap on how many people the healing can effect?
4.	Can we get picture of how all the melee classes attacks and ranges compare like we got with the Esper and Spellslinger?  And can you add Engineer to the Esper and Spellslinger picture?  Please :)
5.	Do fields or probes take damage?  Where in PVP a player could target them or a raid bosses AOE destroy them?
6.	How will Medic heal ranged allies in a group or raid setting?  Since they have mid to short ranged spells will they have to dedicate themselves to standing in the ranged group or with the tank with limited support to one or the other?
7.	Is there a cap to the number of targets that the Medics fields heal or damage?  How does this work in groups or raid groups
8.	How are heals limited on targets?  Many of the healers have a limited amount of direct heals, how will players manage area targets heal with target limits.
9.	Will Medics or any of the healers be able to get rez allies in combat?
10.	All I want for Christmas is _______________!
1.	The medic has lots of periodic damage with dots and Fields and several burst damage abilities. You can build primarily in those areas or create mixes of both.
2.	Medics will be competitive for damage. Depending on how you build you might be better in certain areas such big pulls with a lot of monsters that need to be AE’d down or burst damage during burn phases. In long fights the medic should have no problem keeping up with other classes.
3.	Yes hybrid abilities do lose some damage and healing to account for the fact that they can do both. It’s not a straight split as there are many times where you are not doing both at the same time.
4.	We have plans for more info-graphics like we showed on the Spellslinger stream. For the medic they are at medium range between melee and long range classes like the esper and the spellslinger
5.	No they cannot be killed by damage.
6.	Positioning for the medic and the group that plays with a medic is key. However if your group is running around like maniacs it’s going to be difficult to heal regardless of which class you play.
7.	With a recent change about 80% of all abilities will hit 5 targets. We have a small subset of abilities that hit less and some that hit more.
8.	Most over time heals can stack on allies. Some more powerful effects like Barrier can only have one per player.
9.	We are planning for no combat rezzes at this time.
10.	All I want for Christmas is all of the things!!!!
What's the average Medic range ? (comparaison with Esper/Spellslinger)
Does the Medic have more mobility than Esper and Spellslinger?
Medic abilities reach 15 meters on average whereas Esper and Spellslinger ranges reach 30 meters on average.
The Medic is the most mobile of all the healers. Every ability on their bar can be cast while on the move and they have access to two abilities that move them (one forward, one backward).
Medics woooohooo :-) here are my questions:
1. In the videos covering the medic there seems to be a heavy emphasis on healing and some buff/debuffing support, is this class meant to be more of a support role on both the healing and DPS sided, or are the two decisively split? If they are split, could you go into a little more detail on the medics DPS abilities and approach (aoe, single target, range, CC, etc.)?

2. With the medic being a melee focused class, what counters will they have to being kited? What is the range on these counters? How frequent are they?
Medics can be played as a straight DPSer, straight Healer, or as a Hyrbid DPSer/Healer. We will cover many specifics for the abilities during our livestream on Saturday :D.
Medics are not actually melee, they are short range (15 meters compared to a Melee who is 6-7 meters). As for preventing themselves from being kiting, there are a number of options you can choose from: A Debuff cleansing ability, a forward blink movement ability, and they have access to CCs such as snare/root/stun. 
How did you decide which races would get the Medic? What was your reasoning for the exclusions (Chua, Aurin etc)?
Hey Kaloryth,

We make these decisions based upon a few things like:
- How much time do we have allotted for class animations?
- What is the lore behind the race?
- Are both factions getting equal access to the classes?

Using the time constraints and lore background for each of the races, we tried to create the best fit for the launch of WildStar.
One clarification though - the Chua race **WILL** have access to the Medic class.
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Can a medic bec as mobile on the field as a warrior can?
If so, whats the flipside, does he have less acces to interuption shields?
All but one of the Medic’s abilities can be cast while moving. The medic has less hard CC overall then some classes but has much better area denial with fields and Roots / Snares. The skill to play a Medic specifically in PvP is that you need to stay close but not too close so you need to constantly be aware of enemies in front and possibly behind you and to position yourself according. Additionally with fields aiming takes on a new element as you have to be wary of how others are moving.
Howdy all!  First off, let me say thank you for taking the time to do these AMAs as well as the livestreams.  All this info and gameplay just make me want to get my hands on Wildstar more!  My question is in regards to your series of livestreams.  You guys showed off the AMP system a bit in the Warrior livestream, but it didn't look like anything had been selected.  Are the livestrems being played with characters that aren't AMPed up?
Thanks for your time.  I can't wait to watch the Medic livestream this weekend!
Very perceptive! We did show off the AMP system a bit, but it was just a few fixes away from being ready for primetime, so we disabled it for this phase of beta. Since our livestreams are taking place on the same build as the beta build it is disabled for us too! 
Don't worry, player's will be getting AMP'd up in the very near future! 
Hello Carbine and thanks for this AMA !
I'm here for two questions, regarding the medic and the game ( pvp )
- As we saw, there is 3 races for exiles and 2 for dominions that can be medic. Nevertheless, you release an Ad with a Medic Chua. Chua will be able to go medic ?
- Will you plane to create new Battlegrounds objectives ? I mean, we know Capture the flag, Point control and stuff. But will we see some kind of "Huttball" battleground from Star wars the old republic ( maybe their only good point). I'd really like to see some "NexusBall" :D
Thanks for all your work and keep going on !
PS: sorry for my english, not my native language :D
Chua can be Medics! We didn’t have it active in previous Betas, but we will be addressing that soon (and updating the web page)!
The PvP team handles creating the Battleground maps and objectives. I can say that there are plans for creating more maps as we continue through development and launch ;D.
Being that the Medic seems capable of filling a DPS/Healing Hybrid role, are there any abilities that encourage this gameplay through mechanics that grant bonuses to eachother?
For example, a healing spell which increases the damage of your next ability, a damage ability that increases your next heal, etc.
Also, how many abilities does the medic have that perform both damage and healing functions at the same time? I've always been a fan of hybrid playstyles and feel very few games do them appropriately. I'm really hoping my hybrid Medic can be great.
There is an entire A.M.P. tree devoted to hybrid healing that grants bonuses to using heals and damage together in one spec and allows you to split your damage and healing output better. There are also abilities that do both damage and healing at the same time.
In the medic gameplay video it seemed like medic is quite closed range. Will he have abilities to get close to enemies and friends?
The Medic will have a few abilities that help them get in and out of combat range in a hurry.
1. Urgency: This ability will break you out of any movement impairing CC's and will blink you to the closest enemy or ally that is directly in front of you. Upon arriving at that location you will heal all of your allies and/or damage all of your enemies, depending on what target you blinked to. If there is no target, you will blink forward 25 meters.
2. Extricate: You will pull up to 2 friends to your location while healing them. This is a nice ability to help save that one player who always has a hard time dodging those telegraphs. (Can only be used on players you are grouped with to prevent griefing)
3. Restraint Grid: This will teleport you backwards and leave a snaring field at your previous location. This is a good ability to use when you need to get away from the heat of combat. 
What would you say defines the Medic DPS-wise? Compared to other classes, would you call it more bursty or sustained, more directed or area effect? 
And what's your favorite badass DPS ability they have?
This name though!
One of the Medic’s strengths is battlefield control and area denial. In PvE you can lay down fields of damage on top of enemies or place them where you know your tank is pulling enemies. 
In PvP the medic can shut objective and create chokepoints by strategic placement of damaging and debuffing fields.
Thanks again for another AMA, I love reading and re-reading these things!
I have a quick question regarding the Medic and PvP.  Videos and interviews really seem to stress the Medic's dual focus (damage and healing simultaneously).  This seems very beneficial in a PvP setting (i.e. hitting two birds with one stone). How does this compare to the other healers such that the Medic is not necessarily the "go to" PvP healer?
One of our goals for hybrid abilities is that they will give you a playstyle option out of the norm. With hybrid abilities you shouldn’t be able to out-heal someone focused solely on healing and you shouldn’t be able to out damage someone who is solely focused on dealing damage. You just have the capability of doing both of those things decently at the same time.
Besides having hybrid abilities, the Medic is very different when compared to the other healers in terms of resource mechanics, mobility, range, and ability selection. All of these differences are what give them their class identity and we hope that identity resonates (pun intended) with certain players.
As a medic are you able to stack more then one Probe on an ally/enemy? From what I've seen it have been a single orb with a single detonate. 
If you can is there a max? Could we get 3 medics and just probe the crap outta people and never die?
Probes are per medic meaning if I have one enemy and two medics both will be able to place probes on the enemy and they will both be applied and they can be detonated independently. By their nature probes that can be detonated cannot stack with a single medic e.g. I cannot stack two probes on one enemy by myself and detonate them both. Some of the buffing probes cannot be detonate and simply last the full duration on allies. These probes can be tiered up where you get a second charge of the probes leaving it for you to decide to use both charges and stack the probes or to pace them out back to back.
*  Thanks Devs!
* 1 How balanced between healing and DPS can the medic effectively be tweaked 
  using AMPs and the action set loadout? Is this designed to be a viable spec?
* 2 Is a healing spec medic designed to be the most effective
   healer in instances requiring constant movement?
* 3 What are your 3 favorite actions/skills 
    as a medic and why? 
* 4 Which professions/paths do you think would pair best with this class?
1.	Medics have a full loadout of Healing abilities, and A.M.P.s to support healing.
2.	We don’t really categorize our healers like this explicitly. We’ve tried to make the 3 healers different enough so that their playstyle is unique and leave it up to players to decide which may have an edge in specific encounters.
3.	I primarily play as DPS so my favorite skills are:
a.	Nullification Field: Creates a field that deals damage and snares enemies. This can be tiered to double duration and to gain a 2nd charge of the ability.
b.	Annihilation: Creates a field in front of the Medic that deals waves of damage in the direction that they are facing. This can be tiered to deal additional damage for each wave that hits an enemy and to enlarge the field.
c.	For crafting I usually go with the one that makes Armor that I can use. All paths are viable but I suppose the most RP obvious choice would be Medic/Scientist.
Based on the hint about the Medic at the end of the Stalker Dev Speak, it makes it look like the medic will have a revive skill.  
So my question is:  Does the Medic or any other healing class have a resurrection skill.  And if so how does the reviving in Wildstar work?  And secondly is there any form of "battle rezzing" in Wildstar(e.g. Rebirth on a Druid in WoW)?
Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA.
P.S. I'd love a Beta key or a Stress Test key at that ;)
Hey BenTheFox150!
Actually, all classes in WildStar will have access to a resurrection skill. If someone of your faction dies and you are NOT in combat, you will see a callout appear above them indicating that you can rez them. All it takes is for you to right-click their corpse and you will begin casting your resurrection skill. 
We went this route because we wanted ALL players to be able to help their friends back into battle and we didn't want players to have to dedicate an ability slot in their action set to a resurrection ability. 
My buddy is torn between Medic and Esper. Which class is the coolest?!
Medic Question: Is there a lot of burst healing a medic can do? Or is it more of a "Keep your tank topped off" kinda class? If it is a keep it topped off kinda class is that gonna hurt it in PvP? Or will the Medic Mobility Manifest Most Mightily?
Being the Medic designer and having worked on the Esper many moons ago, I would go with the Medic every time. My reasoning being that it’s a bit higher skillcap and I like the challenge.
In regards to healing pacing the Medic seesaws back and forth between burst and persistent healing, part of the skill when playing a Medic healer is using your persistent healing with good timing so that you can save your burst healing for emergencies because if you rely on only the burst you’ll run out of Focus faster and you might have your abilities on cooldown when you really need them.
Hey, first off thank you for being so active with your social media. Now to my question. If as a Medic I place a zone on the ground to heal my friend, will it also damage the enemy in that same zone?
Hey, thank you for being active on this AMA! 
As for your question, that is going to depend on the ability. For example, Field Probes is a field (or zone) that reduces incoming healing for enemies and increases incoming healing for allies. We also have some fields that will only heal allies and some that will only deal damage to enemies.
Hey CRB, loving all these AMAs... thanks for taking the time.
  1. If you had to estimate, What percentage of heals are free-form/aimed vs targeted?
  2. What is the number of player limit that can be effected by Medic heals and/or buffs?
Hey Anotech,
1. The Medic definitely has a higher percentage of freeform/aimed heals when compared to the other classes. If we had to assign a number to that percent, we'd say somewhere around 85-90% of the heal spells are freeform.
2. The target cap on the Medic's heal abilities are going to be on an ability by ability basis. This can range anywhere from 2 players to 10 players, but in most cases your heals will hit 5 allies.
Thanks for doing this!
1. Medic as a healer: How many abilities would you say are melee ranged healing abilities, and how many are ranged? If Medics are melee range heavy on number of abilities, do you find it difficult to heal large groups being that they need to travel amongst the raid members?
2. What would you consider a Medic's strengths as a healer? Are they big on absorbs, burst healing, HoTs? Are they good for group healing, single target, main tank type healing? I understand that within your ability system you allow for a great bit of diversity, but if you have to choose their true strengths where would they lie?
1. Most of the Medic's abilities are around the 15 meter range so you do not have to be as close as a Warrior.
2. Medics are strong AE healers with a good mix of burst and persistent healing. The Medic also has several good buffs and debuffs.
Hello Medic Devs! First, let me say thank you for changing the pace of healing and I think it's going to be a blast. While I am not going to play a medic, my friend has a question about them:
1. Given the announcement and racial choices for Medic for Domninion, there only currently 2 races that can be Medic; as of right now Exiles only have 7 exclusions where as Dominion has 8. Would there be any change in the future to include one class with a race so it is balanced for choice on both sides? That would be lovely, thanks!
And again, REALLY love the idea for healing. And whoever your marketing team is, they deserve all the cookies and bacon in the world.
As we just confirmed above, Chua can be a Medic as well :)
Is the Medic only a hybrid dps/heal class or can you min/max one of those two?
Esper and Spellslinger can build towards being a Hyrbrid but the Medic will have the easiest time at it.
*Apologies if this question has been asked already, but now that we know what all the classes are it seems as good a time to ask as any* 
Since every class can dps and tank/heal, why should I not just fill my raid or dungeon group with **just** 2 classes? (i.e. Warriors and Spellslingers). On the flip side, will I be severely disadvantaged if my raid group lacks X class?  
EDIT: Formatting

Because of different telegraph shapes and buffs/debuffs it is much preferred to bring a more diverse group. That being said if rolling all 'Slingers and Warrior is your thing there isn't anything in place to stop you.
Even if a Medic is specked for a more DPS role will it still be a viable healer if its the only healer type class in the group. Or would it be ore viable for it to pick a either a healer or DPS role.   
If you have all DPS gear, abilities, and A.M.P.s you will be healing effectively.
You will be able to have multiple loadouts available to you so you can have a DPS and Healing spec that you can switch between with ease.
1. Since CRB_Bronn talked about it on Twitter and you guys have put up this piece of work [Chua Medic Teaser](https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/q71/s720x720/1488152_590158217724623_409202290_n.jpg), is there still a possibility for Chua players to be a medic at some point?
2. What would be the lore explanation to their exclusion? They're technologically affine and can't be the technological healer but a healer that's rather mystical in execution? Seems like a contradiction!
Thanks for doing this! You guys are great!
1. Yes, the Chua can be Medic :)
In the Medic page, there is a propaganda poster that mentions the Surgeon, but that is a Chua. Why dash my hopes of being a Chua medic, after showing me that poster?
Chua will have access to the Medic class
Probes: I assume these are abilities (as opposed to procs). 
* Are they triggered by using the same button used to put them up? 
* Does that imply that we can only have a probe up on one entity at a time? 
* Or is the Probe ability targeted, so it checks to see if there is a probe on the unit and will either detonate or reapply?
* If the ability button also detonates, that seems to imply that you have to either explode the probe or let it expire before reapplying. Is that accurate, or is there some way to "roll" the probe?
Also, since it's been said that the Medic can dps and heal at the same time - is that like a 'sure, you CAN heal and DPS at the same time.. but you probably won't because you'll be doing weak healing and weak dps'? In other words, if you had a raid full of medics and a couple tanks, would the group be totally gimped or could a group of skilled players actually succeed (given DPS checks and Boss DPS) in that configuration?
The probes that can be detonated are not targeted and are detonated with the same button, so yes you can only have one of your probes on any given enemy. Probes that cannot be detonated can be tiered to stack.
Yes you will not be doing full damage or healing that is the nature of being a hybrid. If your group needs a main healer and you go hybrid you're really not building what they need and your success may suffer. The Hybrid is going to really shine when you need somebody who can do both.
There was an amazingly helpful graphic that compared Esper and Spellslinger range/telegraph shape, I think it was from the SS stream. Is there one of those that compares all three? That would be super useful. 
I don't want to commit to this (because I wouldn't be making it) but I do believe we will have an info graphic for the Medic ranges on this weekend's livestream.
pappy vs Daddy, this Saturday? 
We are still trying to find the right moment for these gentlemen to duke it out. Not this saturday unfortunately!
Picture this scenario: A Medic vs a Stalker, both have their abilities in DPS maxed and both are very skilled players at the role.
Will the Stalker have a insane advantage over the Medic because of his class or will the medic be able to carry his weight and possibly come out on top?
We will find out on Saturday during the livestream! Merkal (Medic Principal Designer) will be taking on Asyreal (Stalker Principal Designer). You heard it here first ;D.
sorry for this question but will there be a stalker livestream too once? 
thanks! And keep up the great work!
Yes, it will come at a later date, though! But there will be one.
"**All** of our dance emotes" - Does this mean there will be multiple dances per race?
Pffft... I'm just the class lead - I can neither confirm nor deny anything about dances ;D.
1. Are there any plans (assuming the game is successful :D ) to allow more races to be classes they are not currently like WoW has done in past expansions?
2. Can Medics be efficient healers at range, or do they need to be up close and personal?
1. The primary limitations for the current restrictions is animation time. This is definitely something that will likely push for post launch as many of the devs also want to be a Chua Warrior or an Aurin Engineer =P.
2. Medica are mostly mid range between melee like the Warrior and long Range like the Esper.
> Once we get all of our dance emotes in
Does that mean you'll have race specific dance emotes, or more than one type of dance for each character?
Edit: Apparently I'm too late, forgot to refresh!
There he goes slippin' out those leaks!
In regards to answer #7. Will the abilities that do both damage and healing be capped at 5 like that? If so is it 5 allies, 5 enemies for a total of 10 or 5 targets shared between the two types.
Currently these abilities will hit up to 5 enemies and 5 allies at the same time.
Couldn't you just dash threw the field and be ok? Or is the damage of these fields fairly significant?
Nullification Field puts out very good damage over time. Sure you could dash out of it... if you have dash charges, if your not rooted, and if you recognize that you are in fact standing knee deep in damage field.
This is part of the skill required to play a medic just placing fields willy nilly will is a waste. You have to be mindful of where enemies and allies are and where they are moving to.
There are also builds that do not utilize fields at all if that is your mojo.