We are the WildStar Spellslinger Class Team AMA
Hello everyone! This is Round 3 of the WildStar’s Class Ultra Drop and this week we cover the Spellslinger. I am Loïc “Atreid” Claveau, Global Community Manager, and I will host this discussion along my esteemed colleagues who know everything there is to know about the Spellslinger!

We are 30 minutes away from the start so go ahead and start shooting your questions; it will give us time to get some answers ready. Don’t forget that if your questions don’t get answered, we’ll be on the WildStar livestream this Saturday at 12PM PST playing the Spellslinger.

Anyway, here are all the nice people you should be expecting to see.

* CRB_CLynch – Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Designer - @ClynchX
* CRB_Hugh – Hugh Shelton, WildStar Class Lead - @HughShelton
* CRB_ Merkal– Marc Matzenbacher, Warrior Class Designer - @CRB_Merkal
* CRB_Atreid – Loïc Claveau, Global Community Manager - @CRB_Atreid

Yup, you read correctly! Our Spellslinger Class Designer was unavailable so the Warrior Class Designer will fill in. Don’t worry, they work as a true team so each Class Designer pretty much know everything about every class 

***Update - 1.30: We are live!***  

***2.00: We are done! Thank you everyone for attending our AMA session. If you still have questions or want to know more about the Spellslinger, be sure to attend our Livestream this saturday at 12PM PST on our [WildStar Twitch Channel](http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar).***
Hey Carbine peeps! Thanks for taking time to do this. My Questions:

1. I understand Spellsingers can step into the "Void". Does this serve as somekind of temporary Stealth? Will we be able to see the enemies we're fighting in through the Void?
2. Watching earlier Spellslinger footage, I see you guys have changed the resource mechanic of the SS. Is there any reason for this? The earlier resource mechanic seemed cooler and more fun imho.
3. Can we get an estimate of how many skills the SS has?
4. How bursty is the SS? Given that he's an assassin type class, but I recall reading that the esper is more bursty?
5. We've seen that place-switching skill. Would I be able to switch places with someone, if I'm falling mid-air?
6. This is a general class question: All classes are able to go DPS in WS. I'm concerned about this because you have a dungeon finder implemented. To me that logically means insane waiting times for DPS classes. Will there be like a renown system that combats this? Like where good, friendly, and skilled players get a group faster as opposed to slackers, leechers, and.. douches? Or something to help combat the que time.
7. Would you consider putting the pistol holsters on the character's backs, instead of the waists? Possibly their lower backs? From past experiences from other MMO's (SWTOR gunslinger, GW2 dualpistol thief) I know how people never look at characters waists, only waists up, so putting it on their back would be a better way to show off your epic pistols!
1.	The Void is an entirely different “plane” if you will. While inside the Void you can’t see outside of it, but you can see other players that are in the Void.
2.	The old resource mechanic had very little management associated with it, instead you used your Spell Power as soon as you cast abilities. We now give players control over the Spell Power, allowing them to do spike damage/healing on demand.
3.	Every class is able to choose 30 abilities for their Action Set (8 of which can be equipped at once). 
4.	Unlike the Esper, none of the Spellslinger’s abilities are gated by resource. This, combined with their new Innate ability, allows them to choose when to do their burst damage/healing (instead of the Esper which always has their burst after they have built up Psi Points). The burst might not be as high as the Esper, but it is still significant.
5.	Currently no, we will keep experimenting with that though ;D.
6.	Most of the MMOs I have ever played allow all classes to go DPS. We try to help queue times by also letting all of our classes spec as either a Healer or Tank in addition to DPS.
7.	That’s up to the art and animation teams, but it is something they have experimented with ;D
Hey guys!  Halfway through the ultra drop and your great reveals are like a train going full steam ahead!  A Back to the Future 3 flying train even.  :)

My questions are two:  Will Spellslingers get a cool gunspinning animation before they put their mag pistols away? That or trick shots with coins would be sweet too.
And: Will our space cowboys have any abilities that allow you to line up a shot that DPSs enemies within the telegraph while healing allies?  
1.	Yes they do spin their guns before holstering them!
2.	Spellsligners do have an ability called Dual Fire that does damage and healing at the same time but this is more something that the Redacted focuses on.
How exactly do sigils work? Are they engraved in pistols, do Spellslingers have to learn some special words or are they summoned through sheer will?
This is more of a lore question because sigils are the theming behind the various spell casting that the Spellslinger performs. I can say that whenever a Spellslinger casts a spell, a large sigil is drawn in front of them. We would need Pappy here to explain that further =(.
Hello Carbine! A couple of questions about the Spellslinger:
1.   Are the races that we see on the Spellslinger site the only ones that can be the       spellslinger?

2.When you say that the Spellslinger can go to another dimension, is this an entire explorable world only available to the Spellslinger? or is it a place you will go every few levels to learn Spellslinger things? (similar to Moonglade in Vanilla WoW).

3.Does this dimension (8th or 9th, probably) have a WildWest theme?

4.What kind of mount was that from the Devspeak? Was it a Spellslinger only mount, or can everyone get it?

5.Can you touch a little bit more on Sigils? How are sigils different from normal spells? Are they things you put on your action bar, or are they trinket type abilities?

Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions! You guys rock! 
1.	Yes, those  are the current list of races!	Exile: Human, Aurin, Mordesh - Dominion: Cassian, Chua, Draken
2.	The Void is like an alternate plane of existence. It’s the same world, you will see the same objects, trees, and landscape – but the creatures that inhabit the normal plane of existence will not be there. I wouldn’t expect a Spellslinger to be ‘exploring’ this world, instead they will make quick entries and exits out of this world to evade or confuse their enemies.
3.	Hrmm… it’s sort of like a ‘ghost town’, just because there aren’t many things living in it, but I wouldn’t say it’s an explicit Wild West theme.
4.	That was an animal that exists in the WildStar universe that resembles a horse! To be honest I’m not sure what its technical name is, but everyone should be able to purchase it.
5.	The Spellslinger is a blend of advanced technology and magic. The Sigils are one of the ways the Spellslinger brings magical enemy in the world. For example, they may create a Sigil in front of their pistols and then charge their pistols with a ton of magic energy. When they pull the trigger this energy exits the pistols and passes through the Sigil and is imbued with the magical properties.  
Will you be able to change the appearance of your pistols separately? I know that the dual pistols count as one item, but through transmog would you be able to use different models for your left and right hands?
This is not something we will be supporting for launch but is something that could be explored. Fortunately our Artists have created some pretty amazing pistols that do not disappoint!
Hi guys, thanks for 3rd AMA now :D My question is: will there be a CC immune period? So they can`t CC you for 30 seconds? Like every CC will reduce the time of next CC or something like that? Thanks in advance :D #TeamDaddy
We have recently implemented Diminishing Returns on harsher CC’s like stuns and knockdowns (PvP Only). Also some classes will get access to CC breaking abilities or CC immunity abilities.
Ok so here are a bunch of questions guys! 
1. What is the breakdown of Spellslinger abilities? From the devspeak we’ve seen they have heals, Crowd Control and DPS. Is there an even distribution (more or less) between the three or is there one or two that get more love.
2. Relative to other ranged classes, does the spellslinger have greater reach or is it about even between all classes (that use ranged attacks).
3. Will a Cassian ‘slinger have a pompous British accent or will all Spellslingers have the grizzled, gruff delivery reminiscent of Clint Eastwood?
4. Massive world events like the Gates of Ahn-Qiraj in vanilla WoW were pretty awesome, any plans to do these kind of things in Wildstar?
(edit: added numbering for easy readying)
1.	Every class has 10 Assault Abilities (generally DPS Rotation Abilities), 10 Support Abilities (generally Heal or Tank Rotation Abilities), and 10 Utility Abilities (generally Hard CCs, Defensive Cooldowns, Cleanses, etc)
2.	The range for the Spellsinger and the Esper are fairly similar, but the Spellslinger does have one ability (True Shot, 40m range at base) that is longer than any of the Esper’s abilities.
3.	Not my department, but those VOs are still pending ;D.
4.	Not my department, but that stuff is awesome!
I have just one question...
Do you feel lucky?
You forgot: “Punk"

”Do you feel lucky, punk?” :) 
Are we going to get to see Pappy vs. "Big Daddy" in the Spellslinger live feed this Saturday?
Not this week unfortunately, but we are working on it
When designing classes there is usually a tradeoff between two classes with identical roles. In the case of the esper versus the spellslinger, spellslinger have been advertised as having greater mobility. What do they sacrifice compared to espers to gain this added mobility?
We are currently trying to balance all the classes and roles so that they are equally viable in all forms of content. That being said some of the key differences between the Esper and the Spellslinger is that the Esper is focused more on burstier attacks and heals after a buildup time whereas the Spellslinger is a bit more sustained damage with controlled periods of burst. Additionally the Esper is a bit more focused on single target heals as compared to the Spellslingers precision AE healing.
Finally while both classes can build Action Sets that focus on mobility the Esper starts the game with a more stationary playstyle and the Spellsinger focuses on mobility early. We also take into consideration whether an ability is mobile or stationary and give extra oomph to the stationary abilities because of the added danger.
1. Can gunslingers still swap places wirh their target?  Is there a cast time if so?  If not could one swap with a target while jumping off a cliff for crater hilariaty?
2.  What types of mobility moves does a gunslinger get?
Thanks a ton for thr AMAs
1.	 Yes they can, the ability is called Spatial Shift. It cannot be cast on the move and in fact also holds the target in place while casting. This is to prevent those jumping off the cliff situations. 
2.	The Spellslingers primary mobility ability is Gate which blinks the caster forward and Stuns enemies in your path.  Additionally most of the ‘slingers abilities can be cast while moving and through A.M.P.s and tiers you can increase your movement while casting, or increase your dash capability. This means that its less that specific abilities move you around and more so that there are many builds to support being fully mobile.
Hey guys! Really excited about the Spellslinger's aimed heals. I noticed last week during the Esper stream that the line heal Soothe's tooltip indicated it healed the lowest HP targets instead of just the first 2 targets it hit. This is an awesome idea. How many of the Spellslinger's freeform heals will function this way?
I'm glad you noticed this! We are actually evaluating healing quite a bit in group and raid based situations. We will end up going with whatever feels best in both of those situations. 
(I'm not going to give a number right now, just because we are still feeling this out!)
Great Devspeak video this week, Spellslinger is a class I have been looking forward to since I heard about the game over a year ago.
I have 3 questions for you guys if you would be so kind :D
1. Can you explain Sigils a little better and how they actually work? Are they placed on targets, are they something you place on the ground and stand in to apply buffs/debuffs?
2. What separates the Spellslinger from the Esper, is it just damage type where the Esper is ethereal and the Spellslinger is more elemental/physical dmg? They both fulfill the ranged dps/healer role. They both have the ability to nuke, both have cc and both can heal. 
Is the Esper more like a traditional mage and the Spellslinger more like a hunter from WoW without the pet? 
Hey Ta2punk, thanks for following us for over a year!
I believe we have answered all of these questions through various posts found here, but if you want to see it in action be sure to watch our live stream on Saturday at 12pm PST! Twitch.tv/wildstar
What Strengths or Roles do you envision the Spellslinger to be able to fulfill, that other classes may find more difficult?
There’s a bunch of playstyles that allow the Spellslinger to shine… I’ll name a few: 
1.	They able to fulfill of the role of a ranged assassin thanks to their long range and the ability to control their burst through the use of their Innate. 
2.	They can kite more effortlessly than most of the other classes.
3.	They can use their skill shot heals + innate to save allies that are starting to get burst down
How long can someone hide in the void?
Can the teleport be used to avoid falling damage or is it speedy thing goes in speedy thing comes out?
The Spellslinger’s ability “Void Slip” sends them into the void for a few seconds, but it can be upgraded to last closer to 7 seconds. This is something we will be tweaking through beta.
Currently, you are able to use a well-timed “Gate” (teleport ability) to avoid or reduce falling damage ;D.
Spellslinger is my favourite class (so far) I had to get in on this one even though I did not have a reddit account until five minutes ago!
1) Is Spellslinger the most manoeuvrable class? Can they dodge more? How many movement abilities do they have?
2) What percentage of the Spellslingers abilities are skillshots?
3) Sigils sound a little like putting a big bullseye on an enemy/location with added bonuses, sound about right? Are they aimed as well?
4) How does the resource of the Spellslinger work in detail?
5) Can you double-jump as an Explorer in combat? Is this at all beneficial?
6) Is there planned native controller support at any point in the future? If so, when? You'd make me do a dance if it was at launch.
7) What's the gear:skill ratio in PvP? In relative importance to victory.
8) I've completed every quest, got my top=end gear and all my gadgets and all the other things you have planned in terms of customisation. How different am I from my friend who has done the exact same thing on the exact same class and race?
1.  There are some classes (like the Warrior) which are able to use all of their abilities on the move. On the other hand, the Spellslinger has some abilities that they have to stand still to cast. These are for those situations where you have a moment to gather yourself and want to deliver a really powerful attack. As far as their tools for mobility… the have Gate (Teleport), Spatial Shift (Position Swap), Void Slip (Plane Change) but they also have a Root and a Snare to help keep enemies at bay.
2.  Close to 90%, you’ll have no issue making a full action set of skill shots.
3.  Not quite, they are more a themeing to how the Spellslinger is able to cast their spells.
4.  This is something we have been iterating on in beta, but basically none of your abilities are restricted by having a resource. Instead, most of those abilities have cooldowns. The key to the Spellslinger is that you are able to use your innate ability to tap into your class resource… which then improves the effectiveness of most of your abilities.
5.  Every character can double jump, it doesn’t give an advantage in combat because telegraphs have a large vertical height.
6.  Not my department ;D.
7.  This will be tweaked as we move forward, the goal is for skilled players to be able to defeat better geared players.
8.  That will depend on what abilities you put in your action set, where you spend your ability tier points, and where you spend your AMP points.
1. What are some of the main differences between the Esper as a healer and the Spellslinger as a healer?
2. What are some of the tools the Spellslinger has to keep melee at range, especially considering melee have tools to keep us in melee range, e.g. a Warrior's pull?
1.	The Esper focuses more on single target with burst healing and the Spellslinger focuses more on precision AE healing. That being said both should be viable to be main or off healers in PvE.
2.	Spellslingers have a ton of tools to remain slippery and elude Melee. They have abilities like:
Gate: Blinks the ‘slinger forward stunning enemies in their path. This can be used as a pure escape or counter CC.
Cone of Frost: This deals light damage and Roots enemies perfect for escaping or for lining up a powerful shot.
Void Slip: The ‘slinger enters the Void for a short time removing all hostile spells. 
In PvP who escapes and who gets caught is going to be dependent on timing and strategy rather than one class always being able to kite another class.
Hello and thx for being here for our questions! :) Here are mine:
1) What distribution of stats does the general light gear have? As far as i know the healing stats and dps stats are seperate (support, assault), will there be gear with both for hybrid builds? will there also be gear with only one for max dps or max heal?
2) If you are specced with gear, amps and everything into healing, how well will your dps abilities do? Can you still deliver decent dmg? Basically how much assault power/support power will you have at end game and how high is the dmg/healing scaling for the abilities?
3) Will the scaling differ by much? meaning are some dps skills better suited for hybrid speccs than other (purely stats-wise)?
4) How many points will you have att your disposal at end game for skill upgrade? 
5) What aspects of gameplay will define and seperate the Gunslinger from the esper when they both have same roles and same gear? (except for being able too be abit more mobile whilst casting)
Thx!(I know alot is still in works so my questions are for "as of now") 
1.	Lots of gear during progression will have randomized stats so you can end up with gear that has the stat that gives you Assault and Support Power and sacrifice other things like health. Speccing for a hybrid build is something that you will need to put though with gear, you’re Action Set, and you’re A.M.P.s. We don’t want Hybrids to the goto build because they are simply better than pure DPS or healer builds.
2.	If you go into pure healing you can take damage abilities and deal damage but it will be pretty light. The split of Assault to Support with current balance would leave your off stat at about 30%-50% of your primary.
3.	We have some abilities that scale off of both of Assault and Support together. Additionally we have some healing abilities that will deal damage based off of Support Power.
4.	If you are referring to tier points you will have 41 when you hit level 50 with the ability to gain more points via elder game systems.
5.	This has been answered by some other posts.
Hey Guys,
General combat question I suppose. On the topic of hitboxes (I assume they are normalized. If not feel free to skip right on past this one :D), how will that play out with size differences between races? If you have the size between the 2 extremes, Granok and Chua, wouldn't that create some gray area visually? eg. the Chua will have some space outside of the model that will count as a hit, but a Granok might be clipped by a telegraph and it'll be a miss. 
I definitely think hitboxes should be normalized, but it also creates an interesting problem of what it's size should be considering the various sizes of the races. Just wondering if you could give some insight on how you are approaching it. 
Thanks as always!
Hit boxes for NPC/Creature models are not normalized and should be appropriate to the size of the creature.
Hit boxes for player models has been normalized. This is to ensure that the smaller races don't have an extreme advantage when it comes to dodging telegraphs! We've done a lot of work on the size of the races to try to make it feel as though they all fit that standardized hit box. 
The biggest difference is likely the Granok and the Aurin, but if you were to see the hit box in comparison to the size of the model, it would seem right.
As a Stalker tank (who iirc is going to be very mobile) will I have to be concerned about the viability of having a Spellslinger healer in dungeons (because most of their heals are aimed)?
I hope not! Dungeon and Raid playtesting is going to be a heavy focus for us moving forward. The goal is that all heal/tank combos are viable, but certain combos should still shine. 
Hi ppl, first of thx for the AMA n stuff :P I have 2 questions:
- 1st Will we be able to reset AMPS on the fly out of combat and if not, doesn't that in essence negeate the ability to properly switch specs on the fly (something I've heard said on the livestreams that we can do) even if you have 2 separate sets of gear/armour for say healing and dpsing in your inventory? 
- And 2nd Has there been any development on deciding if flying mounts will be implemented? I'm camp pro-fly :P tho I understand the difficulties and implications when implementing flying in an mmo. THX
Abilities and tiers are being able to be switched quickly out of combat where as AMPS need to be respeced to switch. 
You will have access to several loadouts that each will have their own action set, tier distribution, and AMP spec.
*Hi Carbsters! Thanks, again, for doing this each week. Very classy of you!*
*My question/concern may be something that would be addressed better in your coming livestream, in which case I would greatly appreciate it if you could find time to cover it on Saturday.*
**My concern, though, is this:** If I'm healing and using all my awesome freeform heals, eschewing those silly targeted ones (as I intend to do), I worry that I will see someone on desperately low health, on the UI's party/raid unit-frames, but not have a quick or efficient enough way to find that injured character in the game world in time to save them. 
Do you consider this to be part of the balance incurred from having heals potentially aid multiple people on every cast or is it a concern that you already (or intend to) solve in some way, through UI or other means?
Hello asakawa!
Very good question! This is something that is VERY high on our radar. We have lots of great dungeon and raid content that is currently undergoing serious play testing. In this we are definitely balancing things and improving the player’s ability to recognize and react to the situations they will find themselves in.  Over the next few months we’ll be constantly tuning this content on both the Dungeon and Class side to ensure that the gameplay is as smooth and fun as it can be.
Hey Loïc and Carbine
Thanks for developing WildStar and putting all this effort into answering questions about it. We have collected a few questions for you:
1) I'm a bit confused. So last week you re-revealed the Esper class. It was an illusion class with illusion minions. But this week you re-reveal this wild west kind of gun shooter but with portals? Wouldn't that fit more at the Esper rather than the Spellslinger?

2) How will the portals work? Will you be able to teleport to main cities? Will you be able to bring friends into the portal? 

3) As far as i can see from the devspeak video, you can create a portal to a no-mans land*?* Can you explain what you can do there, what benefit that gives and can you do that while in combat?

4) We have REALLY many players complaining that there isn't a midget/dwarf/small toon to play for Exiles. Many MMO players feel 
attached to the viking dwarf type or small midget wizard. Have you considered adding a small toon for the exile?
1.	The Esper’s ability focuses on affecting the minds of the allies and enemies whereas the Spellslinger harnesses the power of the Void, channeled through their Mag Pistols to sling temporal and elemental magic.
2.	There are three specific abilities that use portals currently:
Gate: The ‘slinger opens a portal and teleports forward.
Spatial Shift: The ‘slinger opens up a portal between their feet and an enemy’s feet to swap positions with them.
Void Slip: The ‘slinger slips into the Void an alternate dimension for a short time. It’s too dangerous to stay there for too long.
3.	What you saw in the Devspeak video was the Spellslinger using Voidslip. It is an alternate dimension where you can escape to for a short time. Keep in mind that other Spellslingers can enter the void as well and chase you down.
4.	We do not have a dwarlike race however for those interested in a small race we have the Chua and the Aurin.
Hello Carbine Studio! I have a few questions, some of which isn't directly Spellslinger related.
1. When playing a Spellslinger, will you be able to fight bigger groups of mobs like the Warrior could? Seeing that you have to kite, it sounds like it can get critical if they aren't stacked.
2. Will the Spellslinger have increased movement speed permanently? Seeing it is a need to be agile on this class.
3. (Here we go with the not so related question, yet I am very curious as I am a huge fan and can't really wait). - Will there be a character creator before launch so that we can sit and tweak our characters while waiting for the actual release of the game!
4. (Back to Spellslinger related business!) - You have always see the Spellslinger with two handguns of the same kind, but can you have 2 different handguns at the same time?...
- Thanks for taking your time to hold these AMA's ! I am looking forward to another stream! :)
1.	It’s possible, but you’re going to have to do a good job of keeping your distance and avoiding telegraphs.
2.	Spellslingers have ways to increase your movement speed through Abilities, Ability Tiers, and AMPs.
3.	Not my department ;D
4.	Not possible currently, never say never though! ;D
will you be using the cowboy bebop theme during the livestream? this is definitely relevant
Like I said up there, our lead composer created his own Wild West inspired theme :)
Warriors thread described an awesome combo of tether and then disarm. Can you tell us about an awesome SS combo?
One of the most basic, yet satisfying, combos for the Spellslinger is to interrupt an enemy using Gate (Forward Dash/Stun) and then spin around to release one of your cast time abilities like Charged Shot on your victim.
Second question here: you said earlier that less armor is usually more DPS? If it is like this why should i bring stalker or warrior DPS in raids when i can just take Esper and Gunslinger? 
The tank classes will have an offensive stance that allows them to sacrifice defense for more offense to bring them closer in line. 
Additionally with the nature of our encounters there will be a lot of telegraphs to avoid and a lot of damage that cannot be avoided so having more defense could mean living longer and more dps.
Piggyback question:
1- If a spellslinger enters the void at point a, walks around to point b, then exits... will they enter reality at point b?
2- Is this alternate reality a "safe zone?
3- ~~Is there a cap on time spent in this 9th dimension?~~ answered in another post
Edit:rephrased to clarify
Quick answers:
- They will exit at point b
-  In most cases it's a safe zone, but enemy Spellslingers could follow you in, and we COULD spawn Void creatures in sensitive areas. ;)
Will the spellslinger be expected to do less DPS than an esper in a raid setting because they are more mobile?
DPS output will be a result of how you spec your character and how well you are able to deal with any given encounter. There are some encounters that are very mobile and others that have specific mobile moments. 
Additionally by end game both the Esper and Spellslinger will be able to build action sets that focus more on being mobile or stationary.
1. Could you talk a bit about how Esper DPS and SS DPS compare, both in terms of strengths/weaknesses and in terms of playstyle/feel? I know that’s a pretty vague and general question, sorry.
2. Could you explain the SS resource(s)? From the class pages, it looks like the SS has some more traditional mana bar stuff going on compared to the Esper’s combo-points setup? Kind of confused about it, though. It’s not on the class page, but I’ve heard Focus is the cost for using abilities?
3. In the Esper FAQ, you say “But as they wear light armor, their damage output is slightly higher than that of other classes. If you build your Esper to focus on damage, your DPS can match or surpass the best out there.” Since SS also wear light armor, is this true of them as well? Or is SS damage generally slightly lower to compensate for all the mobility?
Thanks again, guys!
p.s. can I happily assume most SS heals will actually involve shooting your friends in the face, literally?
Looks like we are out of time here, but be sure to watch our live stream on Saturday at 12pm PST. Twitch.tv/wildstar
I'll make an effort to talk about these various questions!
This one is for Marc. How did it feel getting destroyed by that Esper in last weeks Livestream?
I was feeling a little bad for him as he had already died horribly several times on Stream so I took it easy on him.
To be fair I would say that it would be about 50/50 if we would have fought seriously many times in a row.
Hey Carbine peeps, great job so far on all the class drops!
I have a couple of questions regarding the spellslinger and a few about overall gameplay:

1. Will there be any dmg reduction abilities for say PvE/PvP?
2. Will the Spellslinger have a short TTK in PvP, compared to other classes?
3. Won't the open tagging be abused?
4. Will there be a system implemented for say example bossfights, where you can swap action sets in like a short intermezzo within the fight.
Hey IN-Fluffy
1. There is a variety of abilities that will reduce damage. One example is Taunt. If a Tank taunts an enemy in PVP, that enemy will do less damage for a duration of time to all targets except the tank.
2. The Spellslinger will have a short TTK due to their high DPS, but the TTK will also depend on their intended target. Don't expect to just melt a Tank.
3. So far, so good!
4. I could get behind an idea like this!
Hey Carbine peeps, great job so far on all the class drops!
I have a couple of questions regarding the spellslinger and a few about overall gameplay:

1. Will there be any dmg reduction abilities for say PvE/PvP?
2. Will the Spellslinger have a short TTK in PvP, compared to other classes?
3. Won't the open tagging be abused?
4. Will there be a system implemented for say example bossfights, where you can swap action sets in like a short intermezzo within the fight.
1.	There are damage reduction abilities that you can use in either PvP or PvP depending on what class you are. Some of them only affect the caster and others affect multiple players.
2.	In comparison to a Warrior in heavy armor and Tank stance yes the Spellslinger will have a noticeably faster TTK across the board. However when you take damage taken into consideration it ends up feeling nice and balanced.
3.	Open tagging considers contribution to the kill. For example I am fighting a big tough creature and do 90% of its health and you come in and shoot it once and move on, when the mob dies I will have advanced the quest by 10-15% while you might only get 1% advancement. For things like bossfights and named creatures as long as you contribute anything you will get credit.
4.	You can only switch action sets out of combat so unless the encounter actually drops combat you will not be able to switch sets.
[This.]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1QUZzeZoPQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player)
our lead composer Jeff Kurtnacker actually created an awesome Wild West inspired theme called [Justice doesn’t always wear a badge](http://youtu.be/vmCejcRzXYk); for one of our zone so we might be using it! 
What are some examples of buffs the SS will have?
Distortion is skill shot that grants an Absorption Shield.
Voidpact creates and aura around the 'slinger that increases movement speed.
Phase Shift increases their own Deflect chance by a large amount for a short time.

Afternoon all, and thanks for doing this.  My question is on Freeform healing abilities.  
For abilities that don't call out a specific number of healing targets, will there be output capping as the number of people in the area increase?  For example, the Esper ability Soothe (and I assume many Spellslinger abilities) heals all allies in the area for (lets pick a number as an example) 1000 HP at full charge.  If there are 5 allies in he area, they each get 1000 HP?  If there are 25 allies in the area, they each get 1000 HP?  
We have the tech to do this either way! This will actually be determined on an ability by ability basis and the tooltip should inform you on how it will work. 
With out tech we can do a variety of things such as:
- Spread the total amount of heal between ALL targets
- Heal the X amount of CLOSEST targets to you in the freeform area
- Heal the X amount of LOWEST HEALTH targets in the freeform area
- Heal the X amount of FURTHEST targets to you in the freeform area
- and a large variety of other target requirements
We are still feeling out which of these feel best for each class and our raid/pvp content. 
are there guns the size of a baby planned to be introduced to the game? this is important to me, I won't accept revolvers any smaller than that!
There are definitely some big @ss guns to be found.
I'd also be interested in finding out the main differences between an Esper and a Spellslinger.
I play a Mage and a Rogue in WoW; two classes which have a great amount of CC and burst options. Comparatively, which of the two (Esper vs. Spellslinger) have more options to CC? Which one bursts harder? And how do they compare to other classes in these areas?
In last week's video, you mentioned all classes receive CC abilities; is there one that stands out? That absolutely must use them or die, and is therefore rewarded with very high damage?
The game is looking great guys! Can't wait for the stream -- Thanks for the fun videos!
Edit: You partly answered my question while I was posting. Still curious about the CC aspect of the question. :)
Esper’s have a few more CC options when compared to the Spellslinger!
> We also take into consideration whether an ability is mobile or stationary and give extra oomph to the stationary abilities because of the added danger.
So the SS can have a few nice, stationary “plant and big nuke” as well, if you build your LAS that way? I know, kiting and mobility and fun and all, but I actually do like some stationary casting...
Yes you have abilities like True Shot and Charged Shot that are big stationary nukes.
Thanks for the answers! I have a followup question though
**Followup question to #2.:** Could you expand a bit on how it works? I assume you're talking about the spellslinger innate ability, currently it sounds like it's just a cooldown though that increases outgoing DPS/heal for some time. Am I missing something?
Not quite a cooldown… The innate “Spell Surge” is restricted by Spell Power, which is the Spellslinger’s class resource that automatically regenerates over time. While Spell Surge is active, Spell Power drains over time but adds bonuses to all Assault and Support abilities (makes DPS abilities hit harder, makes snares last longer, etc). This gives you a lot of flexibility over how you use your Spell Power.
Are there any open world FFA areas in Wildstar? (Like stranglethorn arena in WoW)
We will not have any open world FFA Arenas in WildStar at launch. We will have open world pvp in contested zones with the hope of adding objective based open-world pvp in after launch.
From what I've read, you can tab target, so I would assume you can while jumping.
You can switch targets at any time. Though with Free Form targeting most spells don't require a target.
You're right, he did have some pretty embarrassing earlier PvE deaths!
To Jade's defense, it was hard to see the telegraphs on the monitor from the broadcast desk... I'm pretty sure Merkal just got beat fair and square.
Are there currently any of these abilities that do scale linearly, as in my original example?  Or do they all spread healing among / choose targets out of the total number of people in the area?
Thank you for the answer.
Currently we have a target count of 5 on most abilities. Every target that gets hit by an ability will receive the full contribution of damage or healing before mitigation.
Opening up and having no target counts but using distributed damage is something that we may explore in the future pending feedback.
So, you can't have mix ability tier points and max AMP points? You have a limited amount to spend per character? If so, keep that kind of customisation thing up.
EDIT: 5 - Oh, can the Explorer triple-jump then? I thought there was something unusual about Explorer jumping. 6 - Whose department is it? i.e. who should I direct my question to?
AMP's and Tiers are two separate systems they each have their own pool of points to be used.
No triple Jump....currently =P
Cool like whip.
I love this aspect of the Spellslinger. Especially because it provides an interesting choice. Do I let the other Spellslinger escape or do I use up my cooldown to ensure a kill.
To Jade's defense, it was hard to see the telegraphs on the monitor from the broadcast desk... I'm pretty sure Merkal just got beat fair and square.
lies. #I_Let_Jade_Win