We are the WildStar Stalker Class Team AMA
Hello everyone! As this is the Thanksgiving week, we thought we’d move the AMA forward instead of postponing it because, well, we know you have tons of questions! So here we are, with our 4th class re-reveal, the last one before revealing our two last classes.

My name is Loïc “Atreid” Claveau, Global Community Manager, and today, I will be facilitating the discussion.  This week will be a bit special again since some of our regular guests are already eating turkeys! But fear not, today’s guests will be tackling your questions like champs!

We are 30 minutes away from the start so go ahead and start shooting your questions; it will give us time to get some answers ready. Also, if your question did not receive an answer, keep it close to your heart and bring it when we will do the Stalker LiveStream, in a little while (Date will be be announced at a later date).

Below, our list of attendees:

* CRB_Asyreal – Jade Martin, Stalker and Esper Class Designer
* CRB_ Merkal– Marc Matzenbacher, Warrior Class Designer - @CRB_Merkal
* CRB_Atreid – Loïc Claveau, Global Community Manager - @CRB_Atreid

~~***1.30 PM: Aaaannnndddd we are live!***~~

***2.32 PM: We are done! Thank you everyone for attending the Stalker's AMA. Keep in mind that there won't be any LiveStream this week (we will announce a date later) and we will resume our Class festivities next week with the ??? Reveal! Be there :)***
Hi! Thanks a bunch for doing this!
How will stealth work? Can stalkers swap in and out of stealth freely, until they've used up all of their suit power?
How will people be able to spot a stealthed stalker? And also: Will you be at DreamHack this week? :D
So the Stalker’s innate ability is stealth. When you are out of combat and you use stealth you will enter Full Stealth. When used in combat you will enter combat stealth which lasts for a brief time and enables you to get the bonuses from abilities as if you were in full stealth.
For Full Stealth you will remain stealthed until you deal damage to an enemy or an enemy damages you.
Detection works a little bit differently than most games that have stealth. When you are further than 15 meters away from an enemy you are basically treated as if you weren’t there. This is a little bit hack prevention and also performance increase.
When you close within 15 meters of an enemy they will begin making detection checks. When an enemy detects you, instead of having stealthed be removed we apply visuals to the stealthier reminiscent of the cloaking technology from the movie The Predator. Because you are still stealthed at this point the Stalker can still attack and all abilities will still utilize stealth bonuses if they have them.
To determine when a player detects you we take several things into account like level difference, proximity, and field of view into account. This means that if you are standing close to a player within their field of view your chances to be detected are very high whereas if you are standing behind the enemy or are not close to them your chance to be detected is quite low.
Additionally we have a cool mechanic where what we call grass, leaves, and other foliage will move when you move through them. This adds another interesting layer to the stealth mechanic specifically in PvP.
1.	In some of the existing MMOs, melee DPS are seen as liability because range can do the same DPS and have higher uptime on damaging a target because they can avoid the cleave/fire and still do damage, while melee may not be able to damage during cleave/fire.   
a.	In a PVE setting, what type of tools and mechanisms will stalkers have to overcome AoE effects that may impact the DPS uptime that stalkers may have on a dungeon or raid boss?   
b.	Are there mechanizes to compensate for lower time on a target?   
2.	Stealth DPS classes are often hard to balance because of PVP and PVE differences.  
a.	Will the Stalker have comparable sustained damage compared to other classes in PVE?  
b.	Is stealth required to achieve optimal DPS?   Do stalkers have ways to get in and out of stealth reliably in PVE combat or are the combat stealth moves on a long cooldowns? 
c.	If you are able to circle strafe around your target, will you be able to get position based bonuses or will crowd control be required to lock down a target?
d.	Will players be able to build “permanent stealth” builds in a PvP setting? 
3.	Stalker are supposed to be the avoidance tanks.  
a.	Do stalker have tank stances like warrriors?
b.	How will you try to smooth the spikiness that comes with avoidance tanks?  
c.	Will stalker tanks have to be the kings of twitch reactions (manually controlled avoidance) to be effective?  Whereas warriors sound like they get passive abilities (mitigation) that let them be effective tanks.
d.	On the Spellslinger stream, it was stated that Stalker tanks were mobile.  Is this because the get mechanics to make them more mobile (example:  more dash charges?)?
e.	How does mobility affect the stalker tank ability to hold threat in encounters where they have to dash in and out of combat? 
4.	Do you know how many people have been made sad because the Stalker live stream is MIA and not date has been set!?! 
5.	Turkey, with or without gravy?
1.	The Stalker has a variety of tools that will allow him to overcome AoE effects during raid/dungeon encounters. The Stalker ability False Retreat causes the Stalker to leap back 15 meters while placing a beacon at his initial location; it can then be reactivated to move him back to his initial position. Additionally, while the Stalker is at a distance he has a few abilities such as Nano Dart that can be cast from a ranged distance to ensure that he is always keeping damage on his target even if he is not within melee range. 
2.	A) Depending on how you build out your Limited action set the Stalker has the ability to dish out sustained damage Comparable to other classes.
B) While using Stealth is very beneficial to obtain optimal DPS it is not always necessary, he can also use a mix of positional attacks to help aid him in achieving optimal DPS. The Stalker is able to use Stealth while in combat which will then trigger specific Stealth perks on abilities. The Stalker always has access to all of his abilities but a select few abilities gain a bonus while in stealth and it is up to the player to decide when to use them. 
C) It is our goal to ensure that Permanent Stealth is not achievable, we do like that Stalkers can use their stealth while in Combat but having 100% uptime would be too OP! Currently if you use stealth in combat it will go on cooldown disabling you from using it.
3.	A) The Stalker does indeed have 3 stances – Evasive Mode (Tank), Lethal Mode (DPS), and Balance (Jack of all trades). Evasive Mode in particular increases the Stalker’s Deflect chance by 20%. 
B) The AMP and Tier Systems allow us to give ways for the Stalker to help prevent a lot of the inherent spikiness that comes with evasion tanking.
C) The Stalker’s can be effecting by playing passively but they will also be rewarded for paying optimally by effectively using their reactionary abilities and paying close attention to telegraphs (Same goes for warrior).
D. As I stated above the stalker has a variety of ways to maximize his DPS and Tanking ability if he is slightly out of melee range of his target. This includes Reaver which is a line AE intimidate that causes the target to focus on you. 
4.	I’m sorry :( but I promise we will let you know as soon as we can and we look forward to everyone tuning in! 
5.	There is only 1 correct answer! WITH GRAVY!!!
Hello! I've got a bunch of more tanky questions:
1. Will stalkers have many skills that move them around? I mean things similar to Pounce that can sometimes be used instead of a dash or to get back to the tanking position after a dodge.
2. Some of us enjoy some precise-timing based challenge in addition to normal avoidance. Mobility is great and all, but sometimes it's not enough for huge AoEs, especially when you're trying not to move the boss too much. Will support built stalkers be able to AMP their dash to provide i-frames(if it doesn't by default), or at least get some in form of utility skills? Would be much more fun than standard absorption shields.
3. There are some questions that arise from combining the traditional "backstabber" class with an evasion tank. What are the uses of stealth mechanic while tanking and will there be any position based bonuses on the support skills that would encourage sTankers to attack from the front?
4. Warrior's heavy armor and absorption-based tanking seem to provide a safer option. What does stalker bring to the table that makes up for the more risky gameplay? Except for fun and the massive "brag-factor" of course ;9
5. I totally love these "MWAHAHAHA" signs above the warrs and stalkers we've seen on some vids! Are these an effect for the aggro skills or something?
Thank you all for your time and enjoy your holidays!
1.	The Stalker has access to a few different movement abilities, Emergency Stealth and False Retreat come to mind. When the Stalker activates Emergency Stealth they dash backwards and enter a limited Stealth that can’t be broken while taking damage. When the Stalker uses False Retreat he backflips 15meters away leaving  a beacon at his initial position and when reactivated it will move you back to your initial location knocking down any surrounding foes. This ability in particular is very effective for breaking Interrupt armor or dodging a telegraph. 
2.	The Stalker does have the ability to improve their dash through AMP, there is an AMP in particular that increases the players mitigation when dashing. There are other situational abilities that can be activated that will help prevent incoming damage if you are unable to get out of the way of an AOE. 
3.	Stealth will provide combat bonuses for a select few of your tanking abilities that will help your mitigation such as using Frenzy from Stealth which will grant an absorption shield to the Stalker. There are currently no abilities that grant positional bonuses from the front, we have tested with it and believe that it can be very beneficial and we may see it in the future. 
4.	The Stalker brings a lot of utility to the table such as group buffs that grant lifesteal or increase Deflect Chance and Deflect Critical Chance. Our goal is to ensure that both tanks are viable endgame. The Stalker’s mobility while tanking gives him a great way to avoid damage and if played well can give some relief to his healers. 
5.	Yup! You guessed it the “Mwahaha” you see are the Taunt/Intimidate abilities for the Stalker and Warrior. 
1.  What defensive cooldowns does a stalker tank get?
2.  How does decoy work? ie: does it mitigate damage, eat one hit, work more like a cool down to take damage off rogue, something else
3.  Will melee be viable dps with a stalker tank or will the movement greatly impair them?  I'm thinking in terms of Tera where a warrior tank had to learn to hold the boss in a basic spot while constantly dodging attacks.
4.  Will stalkers be able to kick ass and chew beer flavored bubble gum?
5. What does a stalker tank do besides dodge attacks?
Not a question, but I would love to see a stalker tank in the dungeon portion of a live stream if you guys are still doing dungeons when it's time for the stalker live stream.

Thanks a ton for the AMA's
1.	The stalker has access to several abilities that increases Deflect chance. Abilities like Nano Field will steal life from enemies. An ability Frenzy will grant an Absorption Shield if used from stealth. Augment Drone when used heals you and increases your maximum health for a short time.
2.	There was some slight confusion on the Website. Clone is a DPS ability that creates a clone of the Stalker that deals damage and can interrupt enemies. The stalker has an A.M.P. that creates a clone that taunts enemies.
3.	All tanks can run around like chickens with their heads cut off (likely never to be re-invited). The stalker does have access to duels that also allow them to quickly get back on target after evades like Pounce. Or one of my personal favorites False Retreat. This ability causes the Stalker to leap backwards and if the ability is re-activated they will jump back to the position they were standing when they first activated the ability (it feels real nice!).
4.	I see the Stalkers more as the type who only eat supplements with chemical enhancements to give them the edge, but that’s just me.
5.	Stab bosses in the face!
[Question] Melee DPS Question: 
I'm a DPS at heart, and while I like both the Esper and Spellsilnger I was really looking forward to playing melee DPS in WS (specifically the Stalker). After the last few live streams I am starting to get the feeling that if you want to min/max as a DPS then you will have to roll Spellslinger and the melee will mostly be seen as tanks or "lame duck" DPS. 
-Is this true?
-Why/Why not? 
-Will a skilled melee DPS be able to out DPS an equally skilled Spellslinger? 
As we move forward with balance we plan on accounting for ability difficulty. This means that depending on the size of the telegraph and things like cast time will be taken into consideration. 
Currently how much you are able to DPS entirely comes down to the skill of the player and the difficulty of the encounter. Some encounters may favor range characters and others favor melee characters and for less skilled players this may affect your DPS. However when you are at the top of your game a melee character should be able to avoid most damage and not lose too much DPS.
Howdy folks! I have a couple questions to start, one in regards to tanking, the other is a bit more general.
1) Will tank/threat mechanics follow established norms of 1:1 dmg/threat ratio? And will you be following the recent trend of not forcing tanks to focus so much of their effort on holding aggro, and instead free us to worry more about positioning/encounter mechanics?
2) Does WildStar have passive emotes (meaning, if I end a sentence with a ! or ?, will my toon incorporate some sort of emote?
1.	Yes 1 damage = 1 threat and so does 1 healing. Additionally debuffs and CC abilities will also generate threat. Tanks will have many tools that increase the threat that they generate both passively and actively. Our goal is to create a system where a Tank is conscious of the threat situation but have it not be their sole purpose.
2.	Don’t know the answer of that sorry.
Oh great and powerful Loïc “Atreid” Clavea, a question for you, I have. 
Regarding the animations for stalker when using claw based attacks, I notice they always have three slash marks. But not all claws have three blades. Will this be changed closer to launch? Making the animations match the weapon being used. I love how the Esper psyblade changed based on their weapon. 
Good question and good catch! But unfortunately for the foreseeable future, this animation will remain the same.
Thank you so much for doing this AMA.  
I'm super stoked about the Stalker class, and wondered if you could further explain how the nanites work?  From the Dev Speak it seemed like you could restore health, but what else would come into play in terms of benefits for tanking as a Stalker?
Nanites give the Stalker the ability to heal, debuff foes, and power his abilities. Nanites can infect foes decreasing their Strikethrough Chance, Deflect Chance, Mitigation but additionally they can transfer those effects back to the Stalker increasing their own stats so long as the debuff remains. 
Hello Carbinites! :)
Just two questions:
Does a stalker's clone mimic the same attacks they use, or use it's own AI?
Will each race get their own martial arts kick combo animation?
When used the Clone will mimic your appearance so when you change gear your clone will look exactly like you, additionally the Clone’s abilities have very similar visuals and animations so that it makes figuring out which one is the Clone and which one is the Stalker more difficult. That being said the Clone has its own set of attacks and will use them automatically.
Hello Carbine, and again thanks for Wildstar!
Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk about the Deflect stat in game and it's effects on the gameplay. For me I have always loved the idea, as extra forms of passive mitigation help to make tanking more interesting as far as itemization goes. There have been hints that the Stalker may be the "Deflect" tank and if that is so I have a couple of questions about it!
1. What would you say will be around the % of passive mitigation on a stalker like armor, deflect, barriers, on an average raiding stalker tank in comparison to the amount they have to actively dodge and avoid mechanics. I am assuming there is some sort of passive, as if not it would require a lot of raid movement.
2. Tanks that generally try to avoid damage as opposed to tanking it can require higher levels of skill in some games as burstiness is always a concern with different tanking styles. Will this class be more of a skill check on high end tanks, or will all 3 tanks provide considerable challenge while tanking.
3. Just aimed at gaffer whom probably is not here but, thanks again for Asherons call!
1)	The Stalker is indeed the Evasive tank and has many ways that the can attain higher Deflect chance. With ballpark numbers the Stalker has about 35% Armor Mitigation, and close to 40% deflect chance when geared (These numbers are not set and stone and will likely change throughout iteration). They will also have access to AMPs that will give them the ability to increase their stats.  The Stalker will certainly get bonuses if he is highly active and smartly timing his dodge and avoidance moves to avoid telegraphs but he does have abilities that can be used while stationary to help him prevent incoming damage. He has a few stealth perks that will grant him an absorption shield to help with stationary tanking.
2)	Although the styles may different the skill check will be very close. I think anytime someone plays a tank at a high skill level you will notice a difference in their effectiveness to someone who isn’t quite as good at tanking. 
3)	He isn’t here but I will be sure to pass the thanks along to him (I am sure he is reading this anyway). 
Hello Carbine, and again thanks for Wildstar!
Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk about the Deflect stat in game and it's effects on the gameplay. For me I have always loved the idea, as extra forms of passive mitigation help to make tanking more interesting as far as itemization goes. There have been hints that the Stalker may be the "Deflect" tank and if that is so I have a couple of questions about it!
1. What would you say will be around the % of passive mitigation on a stalker like armor, deflect, barriers, on an average raiding stalker tank in comparison to the amount they have to actively dodge and avoid mechanics. I am assuming there is some sort of passive, as if not it would require a lot of raid movement.
2. Tanks that generally try to avoid damage as opposed to tanking it can require higher levels of skill in some games as burstiness is always a concern with different tanking styles. Will this class be more of a skill check on high end tanks, or will all 3 tanks provide considerable challenge while tanking.
3. Just aimed at gaffer whom probably is not here but, thanks again for Asherons call!
> Just aimed at gaffer whom probably is not here but, thanks again for Asherons call!
Thanks for the shout out!
Hello guys thanks for taking time out of this busy family week for this!
Now in the spell slinger stream Huge made it sound like it would be harder to heal a stalker tank for aimed heals, since they will be moving a lot more. How are you making it so people will still want a stalker tank as main tank if they are harder to heal by said bigger heals.
A lot of this will come down to player skill and communication. While the Stalker may be a bit harder to heal because of certain abilities that move you around the battlefield all tanks will be moving during PvE encounters so a healer in general will have to keep a close eye on where there tank is and where telegraphs are so that they can aim properly. In my opinion this makes healing far more enjoyable than simply watching health bar UI’s and spamming heals.
Hey Crb, thanks for doing this!
1. Does the stalker's claws disappear back to it's "base" thing after combat, like we saw in the SS stream, or is that just a beta thing?
2. How will the stalker keep up with ranged classes in PvP?
3. How do you "see a stalker coming" do they just pop up with a lower opacity like Perception in WoW?
4. When is the next beta key wave? :( I'm so eager to give you guys valuable feedbackkkk.
1.	The Claw’s do retract when the Stalker is out of combat.
2.	The Stalker has a variety of tools available to him that allow him to stick to his target. His ability to get the drop from Stealth is a great advantage. He has access to Mines that are stealthed on the battlefield and when triggered will Tether his enemy to that location, he has the ability to Pounce to his target and he can also Snare his foe with Cripple. In addition to the previously mentioned abilities to be sticky the Stalker has access to a Stun and a Knockdown. 
3.	In Wildstar you have a Stealth Detection radius if the Stalker wanders to close you begin to see his silhouette with a lower opacity, the environment can also be a dead giveaway such as the grass moving due the Stalker’s movement. 
4.	Soon? 
Hey guys!
Long time lurker, first time poster. Looks like you guys are doing an awesome job so far.
In regards to the stalker:
1). Is there perms-stealth or does it drop after your suit power is depleted?
2).  Will activating emergency stealth remove dots and cc?
3). Do stalkers get a bonus for initiating combat from stealth?
4).  With stalker tanking, is it more avoidance or do stalkers get passive mitigation like with the warrior's stance?
Thanks and have an awesome holiday!
1)	Stealth is permanent but can be broken when the Stalker takes or deals damage. 
2)	Emergency Stealth will remove CC’s but it does not remove dots from the player but it prevents damage taken from breaking stealth.
3)	There are several abilities (both tank and DPS) that get a bonus from being used from Stealth. 
4)	The Stalker is avoidance based and as such their tank stance grants a bonus to their base Deflect Chance.
I saw in the DevSpeak that the Stalker had at least one gap closer. Is there any other, and if so, could you explain how some of them work?
Pounce is the Stalker’s primary closer when it hits a foe it Snares them and when tiered up will also Root their foe. With that said they do have a few abilities that allow them to stick to their target without a gap closer. Cripple is a stacking debuff that Snares the abilities movement speed and when it is tiered up it will root their foe if it reaches the max stack count. Tether mine is an ability with 2 charges that can be used to Tether a foe in place. 
Are stalker tanks considered to be legit Raid level MTs or situational MTs who can tank 5 man dungeon content to keep queues down?
It is our goal to ensure that all tanks have the ability to be viable as raid level tanks. 
Thanks for the AMA! Can't wait to play :D
Will the Stalker's CD for dodging be faster than the other classes? 
(especially in tanking spec)
No all classes have a normalized Dash count and cooldown by default. With Tiers, A.M.P.s and gear you can improve your dash capability.
Yes I'm asking more questions, but I divided up my tank and dps sections and stalker is the class I'm most excited about so~
1. It says the stalker dps is bursty, but some of the abilities sounded like dots.  Are there dot rotations for a stalker?
2. Are attacks more single target oriented or aoe swipe fests?
3. Besides the cc mentioned in the Devspeak do stalkers apply any other debuffs?
4. It was mentioned stealthing in combat would be a way to power attacks.  Do you gain access to your stealth abilities when this happens?
1)	The Stalker does have access to DoT abilities and allow for him to have better sustained damage in a raid situation while providing great utility in PVP. Overload is a prime example of this; it is a single stacking dot that applies an initial burst damage and over time damage. It is unique because the damage dealt ignores shields and if tiered up it will actually disable shields for a period of time.
2)	The Stalker has a wide variety of abilities that are both single target and aoe. The way you slot your limited action set will weigh heavily on the type of single target or aoe damage you deal.
3)	The Stalker has an array of debuffs available to him. He can Snare, Knockdown, Root, Stun, reduce Armor, reduce Deflect Chance and reduce Strikethrough chance. Of course building a limited action set around using all those debuffs may not be the most efficient but it certainly gives you a lot of things to mix and match to optimize your output how you like.
4)	The nice thing about the Stalker’s abilities is they are all available to be used out of stealth but when the Stalker activates stealth it will enable a “Stealth Perk” on a select few of abilities that will empower that attack when it is used from Stealth granting it a bonus. 
Unrelated Stalker question: Could we please have more concept art drops? Like Mordesh, Granock and Humans/Cassians? Thank you!
I'll ask our Creative Manager about this. I cannot promise anything but I will ask.
Also, on the Stalker page, you have a good representation of the Human Stalker
You showed us the first instance with the last livestream. Will you show us a arena, warplot or battleground with the next one?
We will have LiveStreams dedicated for all these activities. No date yet but dont' worry, we will be covering PvP quite extensively :)
Thanks for doing this. 
1,While out of combat how long can a stalker stay in stealth for? 
2,Is the Nano Skin A peace of Armour or apart of the stalker class?
3,If its an Armour peace will it have different stats Eg Stay in Stealth longer or Move faster ?
4, Any Idea when the Stalker Live stream will be. 
5, What are you giving thanks to this year?
That's all I have at the min. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving 
I hope all the speculation on the other class names are wrong so we know to stay on our toes 
Thanks again 
1.	Until they take or deal damage.
2.	It’s not a piece of gear and is inherent to the class mechanic.
3.	Don’t know the answer sorry =(.
4.	I give thanks to family and friends, and beta testers that fall to my sword in PvP.
Hi Team Wildstar!
Since the Stalker stream will be postponed, I'd like to ask a tanking specific question, which concerns all 3 tanking classes in group play, but I suspect most specifically the stalker.
As the game has been designed around action and telegraphs, all tanks will be required to move a significant amount while, compared to most current MMOs. This inherently poses a challenge for the healers and tanks to coordinate and communicate movement with healing and the tanks own cooldowns to avoid deaths.
How much has this been taken into account when designing the classes and encounters? Should we expect lower brackets of incoming damage and outgoing heals to allow for a wider margin of error, so it will be OK to miss a heal or two? Or are we looking at a much narrower margin of error, with a high risk of insta-gibs in raid instances?
If the latter, how will you counter effective health (which I assume is the warrior will be the king off) becoming the all important tanking stat, as opposed to avoidance tanking and thereby making the stalker and possible redacted less wanted for tanking?
Currently we scale difficulty up throughout the leveling experience so lower level encounters have a much lower frequency of mechanics that will instantly kill tanks or wipe the group if you make errors. As you level the difficulty in regards to positioning and timing definitely increases.
We will be monitoring this as Beta progresses but currently the goal is to give all Tanks and Healer tools that will help them save the group if party members make mistakes (we call them Oh Sh@t abilities). Once you start entering the raiding scene the expectation is that while these abilities will be present they won’t always save you and they will certainly not save you if you are consistently making mistakes.
In terms of health we are trying to keep all tanks on par. We don't design encounters to be beaten by a specific tank simply because they get a specific stat better than others. We are leaving specing in to specific stats up to the A.M.P. system and higher level gear mechanics.
you changed the names of the two remaining unknown classes several times. Is it just a joke to confuse us or are you really unsure what name they will have?
Not too sure what you are referring to! All I can see on the General class page is ??? and ???
Happy Holidays, Carbine!  Thank you for your time, heres a few questions I have concerning mobility.  It plays a huge role in what classes I main.
1.  How will the Stalker compare to the Spellslinger in mobility?
2.  Will they need to invest a lot in mobility in order to stay on-par with the Spellslinger?  Or could I have a really speedy Stalker, that maybe even sacrifices stealthy stuff?
3.  What are the Stalker's mobility skills like?  Short or long CDs, short or long ranges, etc.
4.  Will the Stalker have any movement speed buffs for himself or his party?
5.  Can any of the mobility skills be used to negate falling damage or jump over gaps that double jump  can't traverse?
Thank you so much for your time, I hope you enjoy your holiday!
1.	The Stalker has no abilities that require them to be stationary, whereas the Spellslinger does. Additionally the Stalker can move about freely to engage encounters (including vulnerable ‘slingers). In terms of actual abilities that move them around the battlefield I would say they are about even.
2.	There are many options to spec into movement enhancement from A.M.P.s. If you as a player value that higher than pure DPS than it’s your choice, in a similar way it’s an Esper’s or Spellslingers choice to forego mobility for powerful nukes.
3.	Pounce leaps to the nearest target. False Retreat as mentioned earlier leaps the Stalker backwards and then can be used to leap to their original position. An Emergency Stealth which can be used to gain full stealth in combat.  All of these are between 25 and 45 seconds.
4.	Through Tiers you can empower your abilities that grant yourself movement speed.
5.	Pounce is similar to the Warrior’s Leap and the Spellslingers Gate in that it can be used to avoid fall damage if used with good timing and can also be used to jump gaps.
You mentioned in the Livestream that the Stalker Stealth isn't completely stealthy, like we know it from other MMOs, but you're still able to see a silhouette. 
1. Will we see the silhouette only from a certain distance? 
2. Will we be able to target a silhouette or are they only affected by telegraph damage, also alerting them to the fact that they were discovered.
3. Will damage instantly end stealth?
4. Is there an instant restealth?
5. Will the there be a raidboss for the Necromechaghost Rowsdower?
1.	As I mentioned in another reply when stealthed you will be completely invisible if you are further than 15 meters. 
2.	Once you are within 15 meters you begin to have a chance to be detected. If you detect a stealthed player you will see cloak visuals that will indicate where they are but the player will still be considered stealthed. They cannot be targeted via the mouse or tab targeting while detected but can be attacked by telegraphed attacks.
3.	Yes however there is an A.M.P. that causes a slight delay before stealth is removed. Additionally Emergency Stealth will cause incoming damage to not remove stealth for a short period after using the ability.
4.	The instant re-stealth is Emergency Stealth which removes CC but no other debuffs.
5.	…
Are the "Claws" a single slot weapon item or are they a dual wield item?
Only one slot, sir!
Can you be in stealth until it breaks (by taking damage) or is it on a timer? Also, can you stealth any time in combat, and how long are the cooldowns?
CRB_Merkal answered in this AMA but basically, Stealth is not on a timer and yes it will definitely breaks upon damage or when you get detected
When the stalker retracts its claws will there be a visible "techy" sheath/scabbard like an arm/wrist band you can see when the claws aren't visible? Instead of having them just disapear when sheathed.
Oh definitely! When the Stalker's claws retract they have a "wristband" (for lack of a better word). The wristband is also unique to the claws so visually they show up differently based on the Claws you are using. 
Will Stalker tanks be more gear reliant than other tanks, or will they be able to rely on the same skill based gameplay (via proper usage of skills, builds, timing, positioning, etc.) as other tanks assuming an equal level of gear?
All Tanks will want quality gear, however what stats you go for are going to be dependent on which tank you are and what A.M.P.s you have.
Will the "evil" rowsdower be a world boss?
Now, that's an idea! ;)
the 2 stalkers that 'ambushed' the warrior/spellslinger team in the spellslinger live stream lost terribly.   Were those 2 stalkers just casually interacting in order to guarantee the win for the spellslinger?   because at the end of the fight the SS/warrior were both already full health.
is there a rough rule of thumb for the stealth dps tax?  as compared to heavy armor dps tax, or ranged dps (as noted here in other posts)
Unfortunately for the two Stalkers facing me on the Warrior and Asyreal on the Esper they were not coordinating as well as they could have and Asyreal was healing very well. I was doing my job in that situation be dealing damage to both of them when their positioning was bad and keeping them off Asyreal as best I could.
As a melee class, will the stalker be "hard" to play? I'm mainly thinking about wide or thin telegraphs, and positionning while in combat!
I mainly ask it because I want to introduce my girlfriend to MMO so that we can play together! But I'm worried she might have difficulties to handle a stalker, while a warrior might be easier to begin with.
If you're talking about leveling content all classes have a similar learning curve, and in my opinion it is generally higher skill cap than games that use primarily targeted combat.
I would say that in dungeons and definitely in PvP melee is a little bit harder than ranged classes.
Will the stalker rely heavily on strike through and other stats to damage past shields or get through damage reduction or will there be
 abilities available in the limited action set that drop shields, negate armor or otherwise lower defensive capabilities of your target? Will stalker be the only class that has these abilities? Does stalker have a nonphysical damaged based load out available through skill and action selection?
One of the Stalker's abilities Overload deals damage that completely ignores shields and when tiered up disables them for a short period of time.
So how would a DPS-ish Stalker roll? There's a lot of interest in the whole tanking aspect, but I'm pretty sure a majority of Stalkers are going to go for the damage dealing route. Can you give us some abilities / combos a DPS Stalker would have? Are they more reliant on darting in and out of combat with cooldowns for bursts, or do they have abilities that let them continually pummel enemies? 
Stealth > Analyze Weakness > Tactical Strike is one of the bread and butter combos of the Stalker.
Analyze Weakness debuffs the target (without breaking stealth) to cause your next attack to deal bonus damage.
Tactical Strike gets a massive damage boost if used from stealth or from behind.
1. How does Stalker DPS compare to Esper or Spellsinger considering they are medium armour
2. On a scale of 1 to Darth Maul, how cool are the Stalker combat animations?
1. The Stalker has Lethal Stance that increases his Assault Power to match that of the Esper and Spellslinger but lowers his defenses to match. It is a trade off but his DPS is very compable to both. 
2. Darth Maul was pretty rad and I'd say the Stalker is to. He has some very flashy claw animations and effect to match! 
Will stalkers be able to teleport behind enemies or around the field by any means?
Can they use smoke bombs or do back flips?
There are few abilities allowing you to do the equivalent of back flips. As for smoke bombs, nope. But you can use stealth mine that tether your enemy when he triggers it
hi do stalkers have to use stelth will there be viable dps options for the class for people like me who love fist weps but hate stelth
Stealth is the innate ability so you do not have to sacrifice an Action Set slot to use it. 
There are viable builds that use abilities that do not interact with stealth so you are not forced to use it if you don't want to. Though you would be losing a massive advantage in many situations in terms of opening fights and in PvP.
Since Stalkers don't have stances as their inate how will they swap stances?  Will my LAS have to have 3 slots dedicated to swapping?
The Stalker does have stances, 3 of them infact which is one more than the Warrior. Balanced, Evasive, and Lethal. The activate for each stance is stealth when you are out of combat. When you are in combat Evasive and Lethal have different bonuses when you activate combat stealth.
Would a tank be able to amp into the clone and use it as a cool down or is it dps only?  I am thinking in terms of using it in those oh shit moments to get a heal and regen shields.  Would the clone be based on your stats or a base health setup?
The ability Clone can be used by both specs but is more geared towards DPS. The A.M.P. Clone that taunts is in the tanking section. The clones do scale with your stats.
"Currently if you use stealth in combat it will go on cooldown disabling you from using it."
Till combat ends or is there a timer on the cooldown?
Thank you for the reply
Woops, I forgot to mention the most important part of that! Yes, if you exit combat the cooldown is reset which gives the Stalker a nice fluidity from fight to fight. 
Thanks for doing this on Thanksgiving Week guys! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 
In most MMO's there are some ways for specific classes that can wipe their threat with the use of certain abilites.  Does the Stalker have an ability like this for their DPS spec?  This also applies to Spellslinger with their Void Slip ability.
The main abilitie that lower threat is Emergency Stealth. 
Are there locks that the stalker can pick?
Hopefully, no stalker heard you ask this ;)
No, Stalker =! common thief; they are killing machines using technology.
Think, Predator... Now, would you dare asking him if he can pick locks? ;)
Will scanbot break stealth?
The Scanbot does not break the Stalker's Stealth but it does give away his position as it does not Stealth when the Stalker goes into Stealth. 
So if you see a floating Scanbot without a master you better hope it's not of the opposing faction!